Reasons to Believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Reasons to Believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

The following is culled from a message titled I Will Keep You, given a few years ago on Revelation 3:10-11.

Thirteen Reasons

1 – The Blessed Hope

The first reason we believe the Rapture takes place before the...

Why I Am a Single Issue Voter

Over twenty years ago, I was in a discussion with someone about an upcoming election. Then, as now, there was the feeling among many the election was a turning point, a defining moment when the future of our nation would be decided. That same sentiment...

Really? Synthetic Life?

It didn’t get the press one might expect from such a dramatic announcement. Scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute announced in May that they had produced  the first synthetic life form. Since this has been the holy grail for evolutionists, why wasn’t the press...

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