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  • Romans: The 3rd Study August 14, 2019
    Paul continues his point that being a Jew isn't a matter of heritage, but of faith. Even Gentiles can become a "true" Jew.
  • Faith vs. Form August 11, 2019
    Paul says a “true Jew” is more a matter of the heart than ancestry or rule-keeping. We’ll use this truth to press in on the dangers and pitfalls of religion vs relationship.
  • Romans: The 2nd Study August 7, 2019
    Man was created to worship and serve, whether it's of the Lord or the things of the world. Paul expounds on this in great detail.
  • Not Ashamed August 4, 2019
    The Gospel is the power of God to save.
  • Romans: The 1st Study July 31, 2019
    Paul's letter to the Church in Rome is considered one of his most influencial writings in establishing the principles and workings of the Gospel.
  • Out Of Control Anger July 28, 2019
    We’ll see through the life of Jonah how our anger can lead us to disobedience, hurting other, it can also lead to painful situations.
  • Psalms of David July 24, 2019
    The Psalms of David inspire and convict us because it's his heart being poured out before the Lord.
  • I'm Buying July 21, 2019
    David declaration “I will not give to the Lord what cost me nothing” tells us much about how he viewed his relationship with God.
  • 1 & 2 Samuel: The 15th Study July 17, 2019
    The life of David continues as he shows how great of a leader he was despite his failings. His heart always came back to the Lord.
  • Trouble July 14, 2019
    Two events in David’s life instruct us in how to deal with trouble.