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  • Acts: The 10th Study February 13, 2019
    Paul speaks to a mob, is arrested, smuggled to escape death threats and put on trial. All in a days work for the early church.
  • A More Convenient Time February 10, 2019
    For two years Paul speaks to Felix, the governor of Israel, about the gospel, but Felix doesn't want to accept the Truth even though he knows he should.
  • Acts: The 9th Study February 6, 2019
    During Paul's missionary trip to Ephesus, there's persecution, exorcism, a revival, riots and the preaching of the Gospel. All in a days work for the early church.
  • Unusual Miracles February 3, 2019
    In Paul at Ephesus we see the right use of power.
  • Acts: The 8th Study January 30, 2019
    Pauls preaches in Athens, ministers in Corinth, is persecuted a year later and Apollos gets the big picture with the Gospel.
  • The Appointment January 27, 2019
    Paul’s message on Mars Hill. We all have an appointment with God. We can prepare for it. Sadly, most don’t.
  • Acts: The 7th Study January 23, 2019
    A righteous argument, the Holy Spirit directs, Paul doesn't break out of prison and persecution from the locals. A day in the life of the early church.
  • The Declaration of Him-dependence January 20, 2019
    The Council of Jerusalem contends with the Judaizers, and grace is put on trial: Will salvation be by works or by faith alone?
  • Acts: The 6th Study January 16, 2019
    Paul heals a man, rebukes Greeks for calling him a god, rebukes false teachings, Paul is stoned and left for dead, but lives and spreads the gospel with Barnabas. All in a days work for the early church.
  • The Stage Is Set January 13, 2019
    Prophecy Update 2019