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Notes and Audio from Pastor Lance's past studies through the Bible
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Square OneGenesis 1:1NOTESMP3
God’s CreationGenesis 1:1NOTESMP3
Created By GodGenesis 1:1NOTES
OneGenesis 2:18-25NOTESMP3
The Anatomy Of TemptationGenesis 3:1-7NOTESMP3
Why?Genesis 4:6NOTES
Whose Image?Genesis 5:1-3NOTESMP3
The Life That Pleases GodGenesis 5:24NOTESMP3
The Basis Of GovernmentGenesis 9:5-6NOTESMP3
Pick Your PathGenesis 13NOTESMP3
Our Shield And RewardGenesis 15:1NOTESMP3
Is Anything To Hard For The Lord?Genesis 18:14NOTESMP3
Don’t Look BackGenesis 19:26NOTESMP3
Planting TreesGenesis 21:33-34NOTESMP3
The Sacrifice Of WorshipGenesis 22:3-14NOTESMP3
Don’t Put It Off Any LongerGenesis 25:7-8NOTESMP3
Go To The FatherGenesis 28:6-9NOTESMP3
Prevailing With GodGenesis 32:23-32NOTESMP3
CommittedGenesis 39NOTESMP3
The Fruitful LifeGenesis 49:22NOTESMP3
The Burden Of GuiltGenesis 50:15-21NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Genesis 1NOTESMP3
Genesis 2NOTESMP3
Genesis 3NOTES
Genesis 4-5NOTESMP3
Genesis 6-8NOTES
Genesis 9-11NOTESMP3
Genesis 12-14NOTES
Genesis 15-16NOTES
Genesis 17-18NOTESMP3
Genesis 19-20NOTESMP3
Genesis 21-22NOTESMP3
Genesis 23-24NOTESMP3
Genesis 25-27NOTES
Genesis 28-30NOTESMP3
Genesis 30-33NOTES
Genesis 34-36NOTESMP3
Genesis 37-40NOTESMP3
Genesis 41-45NOTESMP3
Genesis 46-49NOTESMP3
Genesis 50NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Minding Your BusinessExodus 3:1-5NOTESMP3
Confession Vs. ProfessionExodus 9:22-25NOTESMP3
The Army of the LordExodus 12:41NOTESMP3
IntercessionExodus 17:8-13NOTESMP3
Honor The One True GodExodus 20:1-3NOTESMP3
Honor God’s HolinessExodus 20:4-6NOTESMP3
Honor God’s NameExodus 20:7NOTESMP3
Honor The SabbathExodus 20:8-11NOTES
Honor Your ParentsExodus 20:12NOTESMP3
Honor MarriageExodus 20:14NOTES
Honor Other’s PropertyExodus 20:15,17NOTESMP3
Honor TruthExodus 20:16NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Exodus 1-2NOTESMP3
Exodus 3-5NOTESMP3
Exodus 6-8NOTESMP3
Exodus 9-11NOTESMP3
Exodus 12NOTESMP3
Exodus 13-15NOTESMP3
Exodus 16-18NOTESMP3
Exodus 19-20NOTESMP3
Exodus 21-22NOTESMP3
Exodus 23-25NOTESMP3
Exodus 26-28NOTESMP3
Exodus 29-30NOTESMP3
Exodus 31-32NOTES
Exodus 33-34NOTES
Exodus 35-38NOTESMP3
Exodus 39-40NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Leviticus 1-2NOTES
Leviticus 3-6NOTES
Leviticus 7-10NOTES
Leviticus 11-14NOTESMP3
Leviticus 15-18NOTES
Leviticus 19-23NOTES
Leviticus 24-27NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
I Will Bless YouNumbers 6:22-27NOTES
The Border of BlessingNumbers 14:1-9NOTES
Note To Self: Be Holy!Numbers 15:37-41NOTES
Look & LiveNumbers 21:4-9NOTESMP3
When Zimri StrollsNumbers 25:1-15NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Numbers 1NOTESMP3
Numbers 2-6NOTESMP3
Numbers 7-10NOTESMP3
Numbers 11-12NOTESMP3
Numbers 13-15NOTESMP3
Numbers 16-17NOTESMP3
Numbers 18NOTES
Numbers 20-21NOTESMP3
Numbers 22-24NOTES
Numbers 25-30NOTES
Numbers 31-36NOTES
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
A Jealous GodDeuteronomy 4:24NOTESMP3
Our RighteousnessDeuteronomy 6:25NOTESMP3
ProgressDeuteronomy 7:17-26NOTESMP3
Take Care of Your HeartDeuteronomy 11:16NOTESMP3
ConnectingDeuteronomy 14:22-29NOTESMP3
Releasing The DebtorDeuteronomy 15:1-11NOTESMP3
Dealing With AmalekDeuteronomy 25:17-19NOTESMP3
The Place of BlessingDeuteronomy 28:1-10NOTESMP3
For A New YearDeuteronomy 31:1-6NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Deuteronomy 1-4NOTESMP3
Deuteronomy 5-8NOTESMP3
Deuteronomy 9-12NOTESMP3
Deuteronomy 13-16NOTES
Deuteronomy 17-20NOTESMP3
Deuteronomy 21-25NOTESMP3
Deuteronomy 27-30NOTESMP3
Deuteronomy 31-34NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Possessing The PromiseJoshua 1:1-9NOTES
How to SucceedJoshua 1:8NOTESMP3
Wet & Dry FaithJoshua 3NOTES
Doing Things the Lord’s WayJoshua 5MP3
First Steps In The PromiseJoshua 5:1-9NOTESMP3
Faith’s ObjectJoshua 5:13-6:5NOTES
AchanJoshua 7NOTESMP3
Seeking CounselJoshua 9:1-16NOTES
Aged FaithJoshua 14:6-15NOTES
CalebJoshua 14:6-15NOTESMP3
He Keeps His WordJoshua 21:43-45NOTES
Whom Will You Serve?Joshua 24:1-28NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Joshua 1-5NOTESMP3
Joshua 6-9NOTESMP3
Joshua 10-19NOTESMP3
Joshua 20-24NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
RepentJudges 2:7-15MP3
Mighty Man of Valor?Judges 6:7-40NOTES
Gideon: An “Altared” Man Part 1Judges 6:1-16NOTESMP3
Gideon: An “Altared” Man Part 2Judges 6:17-40NOTESMP3
Trumpets & TorchesJudges 7:16-22NOTESMP3
We Will ReturnJudges 10:6-16NOTES
VowsJudges 11:29-40NOTESMP3
Vows (Alternate Sermon)Judges 11:29-40NOTES
Samson: Wasted PotentialJudges 13-16NOTESMP3
Teasing With SinJudges 16:4-21NOTES
The Seduction of SinJudges 16:4-22NOTES
No King In IsraelJudges 21:25NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Judges 1NOTESMP3
Judges 2-3NOTESMP3
Judges 4-5NOTESMP3
Judges 7-8NOTESMP3
Judges 9-10NOTESMP3
Judges 11-12NOTESMP3
Judges 14-16NOTES
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
The Path of FaithRuth 1:16-17NOTES
Stay In This FieldRuth 2:8-9NOTES
Ruth 3Ruth 3NOTES
Stay In His FieldRuth 2:22NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Ruth 3-4NOTES
1 Samuel
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Hannah’s Promise1 Samuel 1:9-11NOTES
Eli’s Sons1 Samuel 2:12-17NOTES
Revelation1 Samuel 3:21NOTES
What Do You Do with an Ashtoreth?1 Samuel 7:2-4NOTES
What Rule?1 Samuel 8:4-9NOTES
God Never Sleeps1 Samuel 9:1-24NOTES
Stepping Out1 Samuel 14:1-14NOTES
Spiritual Battle Plans1 Samuel 14:6-14NOTES
Follow Through1 Samuel 15NOTES
What God Looks At1 Samuel 16:1-13NOTES
Bloom Where You’re Planted1 Samuel 17:31-37NOTES
The Danger of Envy1 Samuel 18:5-16NOTES
David’s Band1 Samuel 22:1-2NOTES
Love Your Enemies1 Samuel 24 & 26NOTES
Dealing with Depression1 Samuel 27NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
1 Samuel 1:1-7NOTES
1 Samuel 1:8-2:36NOTES
1 Samuel 3-5NOTES
1 Samuel 6-8NOTES
1 Samuel 9-11NOTES
1 Samuel 12-13NOTES
1 Samuel 14-16NOTES
2 Samuel
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Can’t Figure It Out2 Samuel 5:17-25NOTES
The Heart of Worship2 Samuel 6NOTES
A Solemn Reminder2 Samuel 6:1-11NOTES
Not Ashamed2 Samuel 6:12-23NOTES
A Heart Astray2 Samuel 11 Part 1NOTES
A Heart Astray2 Samuel 11 & 12 Part 2NOTES
Consequences2 Samuel 12:13-14NOTES
David’s Family2 Samuel 13NOTES
Committed2 Samuel 15:19-22NOTES
A Root of Bitterness2 Samuel 17:23NOTES
Misc2 Samuel 20:1-3NOTES
Walking Wisely2 Samuel 21:1-14NOTES
I will Call Upon The Lord2 Samuel 22:1-7NOTES
Value Added2 Sam. 24NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 Samuel 1-3NOTES
2 Samuel 4-7NOTES
2 Samuel 8-11NOTES
2 Samuel 12-13NOTES
2 Samuel 14-16aNOTES
2 Samuel 16b-19NOTES
2 Samuel 21-24NOTESMP3
1 Kings
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Fire From HeavenIntro: (2 Sam. 24:18-25)NOTES
Choosing Wisely1 Kings 3:3-14NOTES
America’s Only Hope1 Kings 8:22-53NOTES
Guard Your Heart1 Kings 11:1-8NOTES
Convenient Religion1 Kings 12:25-33NOTES
The Source of our Strength1 Kings 17:1-16NOTES
Dealing with Depression1 Kings 19:1-18NOTESMP3
Spiritual Warfare1 Kings 20NOTES
Church and State1 Kings 21NOTES
Keep Moving1 Kings 22:41-44NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
1 Kings 1-2NOTESMP3
1 Kings 3-5NOTESMP3
1 Kings 6-7NOTESMP3
1 Kings 8-9NOTESMP3
1 Kings 10-11NOTESMP3
1 Kings 12-13NOTESMP3
1 Kings 14-16NOTESMP3
1 Kings 17NOTESMP3
1 Kings 18NOTESMP3
1 Kings 19NOTESMP3
1 Kings 20-21NOTESMP3
1 Kings 22NOTESMP3
2 Kings
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
The Flow of the Spirit2 Kings 4:1-7NOTES
Divided Worship2 Kings 17:33-41NOTES
The Next Generation2 Kings 20:12-19NOTES
The Book in the House2 Kings 22:8-20NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 Kings 1-3MP3
2 Kings 3-4MP3
2 Kings 5MP3
2 Kings 6-8MP3
2 Kings 8-10MP3
2 Kings 11-13MP3
2 Kings 13-16MP3
2 Kings 16-18MP3
2 Kings 18-19MP3
2 Kings 20-22MP3
2 Kings 23-25MP3
Previous Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 Kings 1-2NOTES
2 Kings 3-4NOTES
2 Kings 5-6:23NOTES
2 Kings 6:24-8:15NOTES
2 Kings 8:16-10:36NOTES
2 Kings 11-13aNOTES
2 Kings 13b-16NOTES
1 Chronicles
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Jabez’s Prayer1 Chronicles 4:9-10MP3
East of the Promise1 Chronicles 5MP3
Greatness1 Chronicles 11MP3
Where Will You Stand1 Chronicles 11:12-14MP3
Previous Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
A Prayer For Grace1 Chronicles 4:9-10NOTES
Doing God’s Work, God’s Way1 Chronicles 13NOTES
The Beauty Of Holiness1 Chronicles 16:29NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
1 Chronicles 1-9NOTES
2 Chronicles
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Pride and Humility2 Chronicles 12:1-12NOTES
The Power Of The Word2 Chronicles 17:1-11NOTES
The Power of Praise2 Chronicles 20NOTES
Receiving Correction2 Chronicles 26:16-19NOTES
Something Simple and Basic2 Chronicles 32:24-26NOTES
The Word In The House2 Chronicles 34:14-19NOTES
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
That The Word Of The Lord Might Be FulfilledEzra 1:1-8NOTESMP3
Who Do We ObeyEzra 4-6NOTESMP3
Praying It InEzra 9-10NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Ezra 1-3NOTESMP3
Ezra 7-10NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
A Model For PrayerNehemiah 1:4-11NOTESMP3
Building, BattlingNehemiah 4:11-20NOTESMP3
The Danger of CompromiseNehemiah 6:1-4NOTES
The Joy of the LordNehemiah 8:9-12NOTESMP3
Getting Down to BusinessNehemiah 9:1-3NOTES
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
Such a Time as ThisEsther 4:1-16NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
The FurnaceJob 1 and 2NOTES
Till My Change ComesJob 14:1-17NOTES
Where Can Wisdom Be Found?Job 28NOTES


Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
How To Be BlessedPsalm 1NOTES
What Is Man?Psalm 8NOTES
SolidPsalm 15NOTES
The Shepherd And The FlockPsalm 23NOTES
One ThingPsalm 27:4NOTES
Don’t FretPsalm 37:1-11NOTES
A Word To The WearyPsalm 42NOTES
Bless Us!Psalm 67NOTES
The ValiantPsalm 108:12-13NOTES
The WordPsalm 119NOTES
Your ProtectorPsalm 121NOTES
The Blessedness of Being FearfulPsalm 128MP3
FellowshipPsalms 133NOTES
Set A Guard, O LordPsalm 141:3NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Song of Solomon
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Romance (Topical)MP3
The Offer Of LoveSong of Solomon 5:2-8NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Song of SolomonNOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
God Is HolyIsaiah 6:1-8NOTES
Upon His ShoulderIsaiah 9:6-7NOTES
God Is My SalvationIsaiah 12NOTES
Look To Your MakerIsaiah 22:8-11NOTES
Danger!Isaiah 29:11-14NOTES
Prepare The Way Of The LordIsaiah 40:35NOTES
Strength for the DayIsaiah 40:31NOTES
Fear NotIsaiah 43:1-7NOTES
Look To MeIsaiah 45:22-25NOTES
Isaiah 46:8-10MP3
Go ForthIsaiah 48:20-21NOTES
Where It BeginsIsaiah 53NOTES
God’s WaysIsaiah 55:6-11NOTES
He Treads The WinepressIsaiah 63:1-6NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Two EvilsJeremiah 2:13NOTES
What’s Love Got To Do With It?Jeremiah 3:6-14NOTES
A Question For The BeginningJeremiah 5:30-31NOTES
Correct MeJeremiah 10:23-24NOTES
CourageJeremiah 12:5NOTES
The TreeJeremiah 17:5-10NOTES
The Way of Life & DeathJeremiah 21:8-10NOTES
When Jesus ComesJeremiah 23:1-8NOTES
Standing HumblyJeremiah 26NOTES
Settle DownJeremiah 29:1-7NOTES
The Fate of the LostJeremiah 39:1-7NOTES
The Fall of BabylonJeremiah 51:58NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
“Great Exploits”Daniel 11:29-32NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Daniel 1NOTES
Daniel 2NOTES
Daniel 3NOTES
Daniel 4NOTES
Daniel 5NOTES
Daniel 6NOTES
Daniel 7NOTES
Daniel 8NOTES
Daniel 9NOTES
Daniel 10:1-11:32NOTES
Daniel 11:33-12:13NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Hosea 1-4NOTESMP3
Hosea 5-14NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Prayer and the Will of GodAmos 7:1-9NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Amos 1-5NOTESMP3
Amos 6-9NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Yielding to GodJonah 2NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Jonah 1-4NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
It Shall Come to PassMicah 6:6-8MP3
In the DepthsMicah 7:18-19MP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Micah 1-7NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Nahum 1-5NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Habakkuk 1-3NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Haggai 1-2NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Love Truth & PeaceZechariah 8:19MP3
The Power of LoveZechariah 9:9-10MP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Zechariah 1-4MP3
Zechariah 5-8MP3
Zechariah 9-14MP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
I Have Loved YouMalachi 1:2NOTES
How Shall We Return?Malachi 3:6-12NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Malachi 1:1-2:9NOTES
Malachi 2:10-4:6NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Just A Man Or A Just Man?Matthew 1:19NOTES
Walk the TalkMatthew 3:8NOTES
Pray Like This (Prayer Theme)Matthew 6:5-13NOTESMP3
Renewing The Heavenly SubscriptionMatthew 6:9-13NOTES
Forgiveness (Prayer Theme)Matthew 6:12, 14-15NOTESMP3
Fruit, Fellowship, FoundationsMatthew 7:13-27NOTES
Compassion & PowerMatthew 9:35-38NOTESMP3
Rest For The WearyMatthew 11:28-30NOTESMP3
Triumph of Justice (Easter)Matthew 12:18-21NOTESMP3
Gentle PowerMatthew 12:15-21NOTESMP3
The Parable of the SowerMatthew 13:1-23NOTESMP3
Broken in His HandsMatthew 14:15-21NOTES
Storms Will ComeMatthew 14:22-33NOTESMP3
Prayer & FastingMatthew 17:14-21NOTES
The Forgiveness ImperativeMatthew 18:21-35NOTESMP3
PrioritiesMatthew 19:16-22NOTESMP3
Kingdom GreatnessMatthew 20:20-28NOTESMP3
Are You Ready?Matthew 24:32-44NOTESMP3
Making HistoryMatthew 26:6-13NOTESMP3
Peter & JudasMatthew 26:20-35NOTESMP3
GoingMatthew 28:18-20NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Matthew 1-2NOTESMP3
Matthew 3-4NOTESMP3
Matthew 5:1-16NOTES
Matthew 5:17-6:34NOTESMP3
Matthew 7-8:17NOTES
Matthew 8:18-9:38NOTESMP3
Matthew 10-11NOTESMP3
Matthew 12-13NOTESMP3
Matthew 14-15:20NOTES
Matthew 15:21-Ch. 16NOTES
Matthew 17-18NOTES
Matthew 19-21NOTES
Matthew 21-22NOTES
Matthew 23-24aNOTES
Matthew 24b-26NOTES
Matthew 27-28NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon Series TextNotesAudio
Taking Our CueMark 1:35-38NOTESMP3
Following JesusMark 2:13-14NOTESMP3
The Sin That Can’t Be ForgivenMark 3:22-30NOTESMP3
SowingMark 4:26-29NOTESMP3
Spiritual ProgressMark 8:22-26NOTES
How To Get Through ItMark 9:1-9NOTESMP3
FirstMark 12:28-34NOTES
Watch & PrayMark 14:32-34NOTES
The Torn VeilMark 15:33-39NOTES
And . . .Mark 16:1-8NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Mark 2-3NOTESMP3
Mark 5-6NOTESMP3
Mark 7-8NOTESMP3
Mark 11-12NOTES
Mark 13NOTES
Mark 14NOTES
Mark 15-16NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Hold FastLuke 1:8-20NOTESMP3
Highly FavoredLuke 1:28NOTES
It Came to PassLuke 2:1-7NOTESMP3
The Boy In the TempleLuke 2:41-52NOTES
Prepare the Way of the LordLuke 3:3-18NOTESMP3
Dealing with the DevilLuke 4:1-13NOTES
Jesus & SinnersLuke 5NOTESMP3
Instructions For FishermenLuke 5:1-11NOTES
Trees & FruitLuke 6:43-45NOTESMP3
Building On The RockLuke 6:46-49NOTES
Who Loves More?Luke 7:36-48NOTESMP3
The Authority of the BelieverLuke 9:1-2NOTESMP3
The HarvestLuke 10:1-4NOTESMP3
DistractionsLuke 10:38-42NOTES
The Priority of WorshipLuke 10:38-42NOTESMP3
What Comes FirstLuke 12:13-34NOTES
Waiting For the MasterLuke 12:35-40NOTESMP3
Dealing with DisasterLuke 13:1-5NOTESMP3
The Way To LifeLuke 13:22-30NOTES
Take A SeatLuke 14:7-11NOTES
The Joy of RepentanceLuke 15:1-10NOTES
God’s JoyLuke 15:1-10NOTESMP3
The Most Amazing Stock TipLuke 16:1-13NOTESMP3
Dealing With OffensesLuke 17:1-4NOTESMP3
The Importance of Being ThankfulLuke 17:11-19NOTES
DependentsLuke 18:1-8NOTES
The Mark of RepentanceLuke 18:9-14NOTESMP3
MinasLuke 19:11-27NOTESMP3
Jesus Passes the TestLuke 20:20-38NOTESMP3
In RemembranceLuke 22:14-20NOTESMP3
He’s Prayed for YouLuke 22:31-34NOTESMP3
The Repentant RobberLuke 23:39-43NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Luke 3-4NOTESMP3
Luke 9:1-51NOTESMP3
Luke 9:51-11:13NOTESMP3
Luke 12NOTES
Luke 15-16NOTESMP3
Luke 17-18NOTESMP3
Luke 19-20NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Grace & TruthJohn 1:14-16NOTES
Being Born AgainJohn 3:1-21NOTES
Why Jesus CameJohn 3:16MP3
In His HandsJohn 6:1-14NOTES
The Good ShepherdJohn 10:1-10NOTES
Not YetJohn 11:1-44NOTES
Carpe OccasioJohn 12:1-8NOTES
Handling PowerJohn 13:1-17NOTES
WalkingJohn 13:6-10NOTES
HomeJohn 14:1-6NOTES
Joy FullJohn 16:23-24NOTES
In the Eye of the StormJohn 16:33NOTES
Before PilateJohn 18:33-38NOTES
DoneJohn 19:28-30NOTES
The Fountain of LifeJohn 20:30-31NOTES
The Blessing of BelievingJohn 20:24-29NOTES
PurposeJohn 21:1-14NOTES
For Fallen FollowerJohn 21:18-19NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
John 1:1-16NOTES
John 1:17-2:25NOTES
John 3-4:42NOTES
John 4:43-5:47NOTES
John 10NOTES
John 11NOTES
John 12NOTES
John 13NOTES
John 14NOTES
John 15NOTES
John 16NOTES
John 17NOTES
John 18NOTES
John 19NOTES
John 20NOTES
John 21NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
MeanwhileActs 1:4-11NOTES
What Shall We Do?Acts 2:37-41NOTES
What is ‘Church’?Acts 2:42-47NOTES
MoreActs 3:1-10NOTES
Used by GodActs 4:1-13NOTESMP3
A Moment of ClarityActs 5:1-11NOTESMP3
Keeping on TrackActs 6:1-7NOTESMP3
MartyrsActs 7:51-60NOTESMP3
Not For SaleActs 8:9-24NOTESMP3
ExpectationsActs 12:1-17NOTESMP3
FickleActs 14:8-20NOTESMP3
Which Yoke?Acts 15:6-11NOTESMP3
Walking—TogetherActs 15:12-29NOTESMP3
Dealing with DisagreementActs 15:36-41NOTESMP3
The Right Use of PowerActs 19.11-12MP3
The Pastoral TaskActs 20.28-31MP3
The Danger of DelayActs 24.22-27MP3
ConvertedActs 26.18MP3
EvaluatingActs 28.1-6MP3
Previous Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
What To Do In The MeantimeActs 1:4-11NOTES
The Way BackActs 2:37-41NOTES
How To ‘Do’ ChurchActs 2:42-47NOTES
Something BetterActs 3:1-10NOTES
What It TakesActs 4:1-13NOTES
Serious BusinessActs 4:32-5:14NOTES
Staying FocusedActs 6:1-7NOTES
Look! I See . . .Acts 7:54-60NOTES
SimonyActs 8:9-24NOTES
God Of The ImpossibleActs 9:36-42NOTES
A Wider HarvestActs 10NOTES
The Fickle Heart of ManActs 14:8-20NOTES
Operation:FaithfulnessActs 14:19-20NOTES
Songs In The NightActs 16:16-34NOTES
As The World TurnsActs 17:1-6NOTES
Do Not Be AfraidActs 18:1-11NOTES
Living In The NameActs 19:13-20NOTES
The ShepherdActs 20:28-32NOTES
Faith Begins At HomeActs 21:7-9NOTES
Felix Before PaulActs 24:24-27NOTES
The Mission Part 1Acts 26:14-18NOTES
The Mission – Part 2Acts 26:14-18 part 2NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesTextAudio
Acts 1-2:13NOTES
Acts 4:13-6:7NOTESMP3
Acts 6-7NOTESMP3
Acts 8-9NOTESMP3
Acts 10-11NOTESMP3
Acts 13:1-13NOTESMP3
Acts 13-14NOTESMP3
Acts 17:22-18:17NOTESMP3
Acts 18:18-Ch. 19NOTESMP3
Acts 20MP3
Acts 21-22MP3
Acts 23-24MP3
Acts 25-26MP3
Acts 27-28MP3
Sunday Sermons Series 2008TextNotesAudio
The CalledRomans 1:1-7PDFMP3
Not AshamedRomans 1:8-17PDFMP3
Power To SaveRomans 1:17-18PDFMP3
Without ExcuseRomans 1:18-23PDFMP3
Dimensions of DepravityRomans 1:24-32PDFMP3
InexcusableRomans 2:1-16PDFMP3
The True JewRomans 2:17-29PDFMP3
To All Who BelieveRomans 3PDFMP3
To Those Who BelieveRomans 4PDFMP3
Peace With GodRomans 5:1-5PDFMP3
ReconciledRomans 5:6-11PDFMP3
Through One ManRomans 5:12-21PDFMP3
Dead or AliveRomans 6:1-14PDFMP3
Blessed BondageRomans 6:15-23PDFMP3
Newness of the SpiritRomans 7:1-12PDFMP3
The StruggleRomans 7:13-25PDFMP3
Through The SpiritRomans 8:1-11PDFMP3
Heirs Not ErrorsRomans 8:12-17PDFMP3
What’s Going On?Romans 8:18-27PDFMP3
It’s All GoodRomans 8:38-30PDFMP3
What Shall We SayRomans 8:31-39PDFMP3
The Israel of God, Pt. 1Romans 9PDFMP3
The Israel of God, Pt. 2Romans 10PDFMP3
The Israel of God, Pt. 3Romans 11PDFMP3
Living SacrificesRomans 12:1-2PDFMP3
Living It, Pt. 1Romans 12:3-21PDFMP3
Living It, Pt. 2Romans 12:3-21PDFMP3
Put On ChristRomans 13:8-14PDFMP3
Should I Or Shouldn’t IRomans 14PDFMP3
Abounding in HopeRomans 15:1-13PDFMP3
For This ReasonRomans 15:14-33MP3
Holy StrivingRomans 15:25-33MP3
Final WordsRomans 16MP3
Previous Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
The Gospel: The Power of GodRomans 1:16-17NOTES
Life Without GodRomans 1:18-32NOTES
Being Right Before GodRomans 3:21-26NOTES
Get It?Romans 4:1-12NOTES
Love Poured OutRomans 5:1-5NOTES
Our Relationship to the LawRomans 7:1-12NOTES
Life In The SpiritRomans 8:1-11NOTES
No More VictimsRomans 8:28-39MP3
The Love Of GodRomans 8:31-39NOTES
The Mission TaskRomans 10:13-17NOTES
Living SacrificesRomans 12:1-2NOTES
Members of One AnotherRomans 12:3-8MP3
Everyday ChristianityRomans 12:9-21NOTES
The Power of the SwordRomans 13:4MP3
Our Duty to GovernmentRomans 13:1-7NOTES
Liberty & ScruplesRomans 14NOTES
The God of All HopeRomans 15:4,13NOTES
How To Deal With ErrorRomans 16:17-18NOTES
1 Corinthians
Sunday Sermon SeriesNotesAudio
The Faithfulness of God1 Corinthians 1:1-9NOTES
Calling On The Name Of The Lord1 Corinthians 1:2NOTES
Factions1 Corinthians 1:10-17NOTES
he Message of the Cross1 Corinthians 1:18-25NOTES
Glory In The Lord1 Corinthians 1:26-31NOTES
The Mind of Christ – Part 11 Corinthians 2:1-5NOTES
The Mind of Christ – Part 21 Corinthians 2:6-16NOTES
Natural, Spiritual, Carnal1 Corinthians 2:14-3:4NOTES
Building on the Foundation1 Corinthians 3:5-17NOTES
The Temple of God1 Corinthians 3:16-17NOTES
The Requirement of Stewards1 Corinthians 4:1-5NOTES
The Attitude of a Steward1 Corinthians 4:6-13NOTES
Godly Imitation1 Corinthians 4:14-21NOTES
One Bad Apple1 Corinthians 5:1-13NOTES
Dealing With Problems1 Corinthians 6:1-8NOTES
Bought at a Price1 Corinthians 6:9-20NOTES
Husbands and Wives1 Corinthians 7:1-9NOTES
Marriage and Divorce1 Corinthians 7:10-16NOTES
Living The Call1 Corinthians 7:17-24NOTES
The Time Is Short1 Corinthians 7:25-40NOTES
Rights and Responsibilities1 Corinthians 9:1-18NOTES
Go For The Gold!1 Corinthians 9:19-27NOTES
The Peril of Overconfidence1 Corinthians 10:1-13NOTES
Idols1 Corinthians 10:14-22NOTES
All To The Glory Of God1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1NOTES
God’s Order for Men and Women1 Corinthians 11:1-12NOTES
True Communion1 Corinthians 11:17-34NOTES
Spiritual Gifts Pt. 11 Corinthians 12:1-3NOTES
Spiritual Gifts Pt. 21 Corinthians 12:4-11NOTES
Spiritual Gifts Pt. 31 Corinthians 12:4-11NOTES
Spiritual Gifts Pt. 41 Corinthians 12:4-11NOTES
Spiritual Gifts Pt. 51 Corinthians 12:4-11NOTES
The Body1 Corinthians 12:12-31NOTES
A More Excellent Way1 Corinthians 13NOTES
Love’s Portrait1 Corinthians 13:4-7NOTES
Gifts In Worship1 Corinthians 14NOTES
The Gospel1 Corinthians 15:1-11NOTES
Christ is Risen (Easter Message)1 Corinthians 15:1-20NOTESMP3
Christ, The FirstFruits1 Corinthians 15:12-34NOTES
How Do The Dead Rise?1 Corinthians 15:35-58NOTES
Strong Love1 Corinthians 16:13-14NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse Studies 2008NotesAudio
1 Corinthians 1:1-18PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 1:19-2:16PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 3PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 4PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 5-6PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 7PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 8-9PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 10PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 11PDFMP3
1 Corinthians 12 – Part 1MP3
1 Corinthians 12 – Part 2MP3
1 Corinthians 12 – Part 3MP3
1 Corinthians 13MP3
1 Corinthians 14MP3
1 Corinthians 15 – Part 1MP3
1 Corinthians 15 – Part 2MP3
1 Corinthians 16MP3
2 Corinthians
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
By Faith We Stand2 Corinthians 1:24NOTES
The Fragrance of Christ2 Corinthians 2:14-17NOTES
Looking At The Unseen2 Corinthians 4:17-18NOTES
Perfecting Holiness2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1NOTES
Battle Stations!2 Corinthians 10:3-6NOTES
Warning: Deceit Ahead!2 Corinthians 11:1-15NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTestNotesAudio
Crucified with ChristGalatians 2:19-21NOTES
You’re a Dead ManGalatians 2:20MP3
How Will We Finish?Galatians 3:1-3NOTES
In Due Time (Christmas Message)Galatians 4:4MP3
Take Care Of One AnotherGalatians 6:1-5NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Do You Know Who You Are? Pt. 1Ephesians 1NOTES
Do You Know Who You Are? Pt. 2Ephesians 1NOTES
Do You Know Who You Are? Pt. 3Ephesians 1NOTES
Do You Know Who You Are? Pt. 4Ephesians 1NOTES
SaintsEphesians 1:1NOTES
Before and AfterEphesians 2:1-7NOTES
Saved by GraceEphesians 2:8-10NOTES
To Knowt the Love of ChristEphesians 3:14-19NOTES
The Need to Be OneEphesians 4:4:1-6MP3
Putting You OnEphesians 4:17-24NOTES
WalkingEphesians 5:1-7NOTES
Be FilledEphesians 5:18NOTES
How to StandEphesians 6:10-18NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
To Live is ChristPhilippians 1:19-24NOTES
Lights in the WorldPhilippians 2:14-15NOTES
Pressing OnPhilippians 3:12-14NOTES
The End of WorryPhilippians 4:6-7NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
The Preeminence of ChristColossians 1:15-17NOTES
The Triumph of the CrossColossians 2:13-15NOTES
Our Do-OverColossians 2:13-15MP3
As The Lord ForgaveColossians 3:12-14NOTES
Seasoned With SaltColossians 4:5-6NOTES
Midweek Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Colossians 1NOTES
Colossians 2NOTES
Colossians 3NOTES
Colossians 4NOTES
1 Thessalonians
Sunday Sermons SeriesTextNotesAudio
God Pleasers1 Thessalonians 2:4NOTES
Living in the Light of His Return1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11NOTES
Tidbits1 Thessalonians 5:14-22NOTES
Keep Praying (Prayer Theme)1 Thessalonians 5:16-18MP3
2 Thessalonians
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Bound To Give Thanks2 Thessalonians 1:3-4NOTES
Work!2 Thessalonians 3:6-15NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 Thessalonians 1-3MP3
1 Timothy
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
One Way1 Timothy 2:1-6NOTESMP3
Ambition1 Timothy 3:1-7NOTESMP3
In the Latter Times1 Timothy 4:1-5NOTESMP3
Contentment1 Timothy 6:6-10NOTES
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
1 Timothy 2MP3
1 Timothy 3MP3
1 Timothy 6MP3
1 Timothy 4MP3
1 Timothy 5MP3
2 Timothy
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Overcoming Fear2 Timothy 1:6-7NOTESMP3
A Good Soldier2 Timothy 2:3-4NOTESMP3
Profit2 Timothy 3:16-17NOTESMP3
A Crown2 Timothy 4:6-8NOTESMP3
Never Alone2 Timothy 4:16-18NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 Timothy 1NOTES
2 Timothy 2:1-13NOTESMP3
2 Timothy 2:14-26NOTES
2 Timothy 3NOTES
2 Timothy 4NOTES
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
What Grace Teaches UsTitus 2:11-14NOTESMP3
According to MercyTitus 3:3-8NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Titus 1NOTES
Titus 2-3NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
CircumstancesPhilemon 1:1NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudyNotesAudio
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
God Has SpokenHebrews 1:1-2NOTESMP3
DriftingHebrews 2:1-4NOTESMP3
If We Will HearHebrews 3:12-13NOTESMP3
The Rest of GodHebrews 4:9-11NOTES
A Time Of NeedHebrews 4:16NOTESMP3
An Anchor of the SoulHebrews 6:19-20NOTES
Saved To The UttermostHebrews 7:25NOTESMP3
Eagerly WaitingHebrews 9:27-28NOTESMP3
Living in the Last DaysHebrews 10:23-25NOTESMP3
AssemblingHebrews 10:24-25NOTESMP3
The Importance of FaithHebrews 11:5-6NOTESMP3
Keep Your Eyes On The PrizeHebrews 12:1-2NOTES
The Lord Is My HelperHebrews 13:5-6NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Hebrews 1NOTESMP3
Hebrews 2NOTES
Hebrews 3NOTES
Hebrews 4:1-4:13NOTES
Hebrews 4:14-5:11NOTES
Hebrews 5:12-6:20NOTES
Hebrews 7-9NOTESMP3
Hebrews 10NOTESMP3
Hebrews 11NOTES
Hebrews 12:1-13NOTESMP3
Hebrews 12:14-29NOTES
Hebrews 13NOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Count It All JoyJames 1:2-4NOTESMP3
Do You Think You’re Religious?James 1:26NOTESMP3
Pride & HumilityJames 4:6NOTESMP3
Sickness, Healing & God’s PurposesJames 5:13-18NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudyNotesAudio
James 1MP3
James 1:21-2:13MP3
James 2:14-26NOTESMP3
James 3-4MP3
James 5MP3
1 Peter
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
1 Peter 1:1-21NOTESMP3
1 Peter 1:22-2:17NOTESMP3
1 Peter 2:18-3:17NOTESMP3
1 Peter 3:18-4:19NOTESMP3
1 Peter 5NOTESMP3
2 Peter
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Knowing God2 Peter 1:2-3NOTESMP3
What Kind of Person?2 Peter 3:10-13NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 Peter 1NOTESMP3
2 Peter 2NOTESMP3
2 Peter 3NOTESMP3
1 John
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Clean1 John 1:9NOTESMP3
Two Loves1 John 2:15-17NOTESMP3
Confidence1 John 2:28NOTES
Idols1 John 5:21NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
1 John 1NOTESMP3
1 John 2NOTESMP3
1 John 3 (Pastor Charley)MP3
1 John 3 & 4NOTESMP3
1 John 5NOTESMP3
2 & 3 John

Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
2 & 3 JohnNOTESMP3
Sunday Sermon SeriesTextNotesAudio
Called, Set Apart, KeptJude 1:1NOTESMP3
Keep Yourself in the Love of GodJude 1:20-21NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudyNotesAudio
First LoveRevelation 2:1-5NOTES
The Danger of CompromiseRevelation 2:12-23NOTES
A New NameRevelation 2:17NOTES
I Will Keep YouRevelation 3:10-11NOTES
Worthy Is The LordRevelation 4:11NOTESMP3
The Scroll & The LambRevelation 5:1-7NOTESMP3
Our Glorious DestinyRevelation 5:10NOTESMP3
The Required AttireRevelation 7:13-17NOTESMP3
In The DaysRevelation 10:7NOTESMP3
When They FinishRevelation 11:17NOTES
Dealing With the DevilRevelation 12:7-11NOTES
The MarkRevelation 13:16-18NOTESMP3
A Cloud, A Crown and a SickleRevelation 14:14-16NOTESMP3
Watch OutRevelation 16:15NOTESMP3
Come OutRevelation 18:4NOTESMP3
Praise Our GodRevelation 19:5NOTESMP3
The WeddingRevelation 19:7-8NOTESMP3
The DeceiverRevelation 20:1-3NOTES
Come!Revelation 22:17NOTESMP3
Mid-Week Verse by Verse StudiesNotesAudio
Revelation 1:1-8NOTESMP3
Revelation 1:9-20NOTESMP3
Revelation 2:1-11NOTESMP3
Revelation 2:24-3:13NOTESMP3
Revelation 3:14-22NOTESMP3
Revelation 4:1-11NOTESMP3
Revelation 5NOTESMP3
Revelation 6:9-7:19NOTESMP3
Revelation 8NOTESMP3
Revelation 9-10 and Q&ANOTESMP3
Revelation 11NOTESMP3
Revelation 12NOTESMP3
Revelation 13NOTESMP3
Revelation 14NOTESMP3
Revelation 15NOTESMP3
Revelation 16NOTESMP3
Revelation 17-18NOTES
Revelation 19NOTES
Revelation 20-21NOTESMP3
Revelation 22NOTESMP3

Proving God
Charlie Campbell: Evidence for Trusting the Bible | MP3
Charlie Campbell: All Roads Do Not Lead To God | MP3
Charlie Campbell: Evidence for the Existence of God | MP3
Not So Bright After All: The New Atheists | MP3
Apologetics Conference 2003
Apologetics Conference 2003
Pastor Lance Ralston: Ready to Answer | MP3
Dr. Bruce Baloian: The Goodness of God | MP3
Dr. Bruce Baloian: Church Brats | MP3
Samy Tanagho: Witnessing Effectively to Muslims | MP3
Greg Koukl: The Myth of Moral Neutrality | MP3
Craig Hazen: Knowing the Truth | MP3
Basics Series (Theology Foundations)

Part 1 – The Bible, Pt. 1 | MP3 | NOTES
Part 2 – The Bible, Pt. 2 | MP3 | NOTES
Part 3 – God, His Nature | MP3 | NOTES
Part 4 – God, The Creator | MP3 | NOTES
Part 5 – Jesus Christ | MP3 | NOTES
Part 6 – Salvation | MP3 | NOTES
Part 7 – The Holy Spirit | MP3 | NOTES
Part 8 – The Church | MP3 | NOTES
Part 9 – The End | MP3 | NOTES

Strategic Overview of the Bible
Part 2 | MP3
Part 3 | MP3


Communion Meditations | NOTES
DaVinci Code

Fast Facts on the DaVinci Code – PART 1 | MP3 | NOTES
The DaVinci Scam – PART 2 | MP3 | NOTES

Jeff Brown: Making Sense of the Financial Crisis | MP3 w/ PODCAST

The Threat of Radical Islam | MP3
Understanding Islam | MP3 | NOTES
Samy Tanagho: Witnessing Effectively to Muslims | MP3

Bruce Zachary: Honoring Marriage | MP3 w/ PODCAST
The Purpose & Goal of Marriage | NOTES
Foundation of Marriage | MP3
The Goal of Marriage | MP3
Communication | NOTES
Deepening the Intimacy | MP3
The Role of the Husband | MP3 | NOTES
The Role of the Wife | MP3 | NOTES
Navigating the Options of Marriage | MP3
Challenges to Intimacy, Pt. 1 | MP3 | NOTES
Challenges to Intimacy, Pt. 2 | MP3 | NOTES
Men's Meeting – Husband Training

Pastor Charley Trigg – Part One | MP3
Pastor Lance Ralston – Part Two | MP3
Misc. Messages

Easter Sunday 2008 – Abendar’s Story | MP3
Palm Sunday – The Very Day | MP3
Dealing With An Erring Brother | NOTES
Excellence In The Workplace | NOTES
Honoring Mother | NOTES
Love One Another | NOTES
Paradise! | NOTES
The Right To Live | NOTES
Worship | NOTES
Romans 13:4 – The Power Of The Sword | NOTES
New Year’s Update 2006 | MP3
Christmas 2005 | MP3
The Triumph of Christ | MP3
Holy Labor | MP3
Clouds | MP3
Colossians 2:13-15: Our Do-Over | MP3

David Carrol: For Such A Time As This | MP3 w/ PODCAST

Mission’s Conference 2008 – Kent Kelly
Choices | MP3
Into the Desert | MP3
Lessons Derail | MP3
Missionary Mandate | MP3

Other Teachers

Gayle Erwin – Jesus Versus the Pharisees | MP3 w/ PODCAST
Gayle Erwin – The Jesus Style of Leadership | MP3 w/ PODCAST
Gayle Erwin – Forgiveness | MP3 w/ PODCAST
Wes Bently – Far Reaching Ministries | MP3
Jeff Brown – Triumphal Entry (Luke 19:28-40) | MP3
Britt Merrick – The Heart of the Father (Jeremiah ) | MP3
Pastor Charley Trigg – The Promise of His Presence (Acts 18:7-11) | MP3
Pastor Charley Trigg – Before and After (1 Timothy 1:11-16) | MP3
Pastor Charley Trigg – Luke 11:11-54 | MP3
Rob Haddock – Perspective (Psalm 73) | MP3
Derek Rogers – Dead Men Walking (Romans 6:1-19) | MP3
Barry Tipton – A Living Sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2) | MP3
Steve Donatelli – The Aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:12-17) | MP3
John Still – As A Child (Luke 18:9-17) | MP3
Mike Brown – Partnership in the Gospel (Philippians 1:3-11) | MP3
Jeff Atchison – Do You Love Me (John 21:15-17) | MP3
Jeff Atchison – The Captivity (Jeremiah 29:4-14) | MP3
Jeff Atchison – Completely (2 Kings 4) | MP3
Mike Sunker – Coping With Crisis (1 Peter 1:3-9) | MP3
Manuel Olivas – Endure (2 Timothy 2) | MP3
David Guzik – Amos 9:13 | MP3
David Guzik – Two Hedges (Job 1:10 & 3:20) | MP3
Nick Vujicic – From No Limbs to No Limits | MP3
Gayle Erwin – Life (John 3:16) | MP3
Jay Dangers – New Hope Uganda | MP3
Tim Brown – Spirit of Revelation | MP3
Charley Trigg – Honey From the Rock (Psalm 81:16) | MP3
Doug Mazza – Special Needs Sunday | MP3
Rick Green – Original Intent | MP3
Dennis Zech – Ministry Through Mystery | MP3
John Parra – Fight the Good Fight | MP3
Al Gonzalez – Malachi | MP3


Part 1 – Preface: The Father of the Prodigal | MP3 | NOTES
Part 2 – The Foundation of Parenting | MP3 | NOTES
Part 3 – The Focus Of Parenting | MP3 | NOTES
Part 4 – The Means of Parenting | MP3 | NOTES
Part 5 – What To Teach Children | MP3 | NOTES

What About Prayer:
Part 1 | NOTES
Part 2 | NOTES
Part 3 | NOTES
Part 4 | NOTES
2 Chronicles 14-16 – If You Seek Him | MP3
Matthew 6:5-13 – Pray Like This | MP3
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 – Keep Praying | MP3
Matthew 6:12, 14-15 – Forgiveness | MP3
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 – Keep Praying | MP3
Transhumanism | NOTES

Amir Tsarfati | What’s Next in Bible Prophecy | MP3 w/ PODCAST

Prophecy Updates
Prophecy Update 2012| Podcast | Notes | Video
Prophecy Update 2011 | Podcast Part 1 | Podcast Part 2 | Podcast Part 3 | Podcast Part 4
Prophecy Update 2008 | MP3 | NOTES
Prophecy Update 2007 | Part 1 MP3| Part 2 MP3 | NOTES | PowerPoint
Prophecy Update 2006 | MP3 | NOTES

Prophecy Conference 2002
Bill Holdridge: Are We in the Last Days | MP3
Jon Courson: Under the Shadow | MP3
Mark Eastman: The Coming Great Deception | MP3
Thomas Ice: The New Anti-Semitism | MP3

The Mind Of Christ in the Christian:
Part 1 | MP3 | NOTES
Part 2 | MP3 | NOTES
Part 3 | MP3 | NOTES
Part 4 | MP3 | NOTES
The Believer & Money | NOTES
The Believer as Steward, Pt. 1 | NOTES
The Believer as Steward, Pt. 2 | NOTES
The Believer & Giving | NOTES
Worldview Series
Understanding the Ideas that Shape Our World:
Part 1 | NOTES
Part 2 | NOTES
Part 3 | NOTES
Part 4 | NOTES
Part 5 | NOTES
Issues: Euthanasia | NOTES
Issue: War | NOTES