Calvary Christian High School began in the 2008-2009 school year as part of my vision for the overall reach of Calvary Chapel Oxnard. The vision of the school was to produce graduates who knew how to think and live Biblically, know their God-ordained calling and are well-equipped to embark on the next chapter toward that end, whether that be college, vocational school or work.

Over the last decade, we’ve graduated seniors who have indeed fulfilled that vision. But the season for the current iteration of CCHS has come to an end. We will complete this year but not start up again in the Fall of 2019. The reason for that, in brief, is this: God’s favor no longer rests on CCHS.

The clear indication of that is this; in spite of making much-needed changes to the school this year, the prospect of an adequate number of students for next year was low and lowering as time passed. As lead pastor of CCO and its affiliated ministries, I’m responsible for making decisions (in union with the elders) regarding the resources God provides. When it is clear God’s hand of blessing has been lifted from something, it’s unwise for us to continue doing it. While some ministries are meant to last for decades, others have a shorter life-span. This chapter in the story of a school sponsored by CCO has come to a close.

The elders have been diligent in their oversight of the school for several years. We all now agree the time has come to close it. We’re working with school families and faculty to expedite their connections for next year.

While this is a difficult transition for everyone involved, we are confident the day will soon arrive when we’ll look back and see how God led us to make this decision. He truly does work all things together for good (Romans 8:28).

Pastor Lance