Welcome to Two Into One: A Marriage Series

These messages were given is the Spring of 2019 at Calvary Chapel Oxnard. While they focus on marriage, they are for singles as well. One of the studies (Part 6) deals with singleness and the call some men and women have to remain celibate. The best time to study marriage is before one enters it. Many couples have told us how they wish they had this information before they wed. Also, after this series, singles are better equipped to counsel and encourage their married friends going through struggles

Young and older couples who’ve never heard God’s plan for marriage will be helped. Even good marriages will find helpful material here. The danger a long and comfortable marriage faces is routine. A couple can become so used to one another, they stop growing. This series will renew a couple’s commitment to keep pressing in to deeper intimacy.

~Pastor Lance

Flashback with us to Pastor Lance’s 3–part study through the Song of Solomon, from 2011…

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