Jeff Atchison

Teaching & Young Adults Pastor

Jeff heads up the young adult ministry (“Refuge”) for ages 18-28. He also fills the pulpit in our church services regularly. In addition, Jeff helps out in worship ministry, counseling, teaching at CCHS, works on the website, and occasionally drives a church bus! Jeff has been at CCO since 2000, when he came on board as youth pastor. He transitioned into the young adults pastor role in 2016.

Jeff is married to Geneva and has three children whom they homeschool. Their home is a flurry of activities with class work, Bible study, arts and crafts, Legos, learning keyboard and guitar, dance, computer work (and play), exercise, making messes and learning to work together as a team.

Jeff loves learning new instruments. In addition to guitar, bass & keyboards, he’s learning the banjo and cello. He says, “Some people appreciate it. The others don’t know the exquisite sounds they are missing with their fingers jammed into their ears.”