1 Samuel Series #10

“David’s Band” 1 Sam 22:1-2

i.   introduction

A.  The Fugitive

1.     One of the most popular shows  on TV when I was a kid was The Fugitive

a.      starred David Jansen as a doctor whose wife was murdered

b.     and he is convicted of the crime, though he was in fact innocent

c.      as the series first began, he was on his way to jail by train when there was a train wreck and he was able to escape

d.     the rest of the series was the story of his attempt to elude the police while all the while seeking out his wife’s real killer

2.     There was a very successful remake of The Fugitive a couple years ago with Harrison Ford as the fugitive and Tommy Lee Jones as the persistent police detective trying to track him down

3.     Now, for both the TV series and the movie, the audience knew the doctor was innocent and was hoping he’d be able to find the real killer before the cops caught up with him

B.  David The Fugitive

1.     As we come to 1 Sam. 22, David is a fugitive

2.     He is on the run because King Saul is after him to kill him

a.      Saul believes David is his mortal enemy and trying to take the throne away from him

b.     but in fact, David has no such desires

c.      while David was indeed the one God had anointed and appointed to be the king, he was willing to wait for God’s timing to remove Saul

d.     still, Saul hounded David all across the country

3.     So David decided to go to the main city of Israel’s enemies, the Philistines; certainly Saul wouldn’t follow him there

4.     But it didn’t take long before the Philistine king, Achish, found out David was there

a.      a report came to Achish that David, the one who had killed their champion Goliath

b.     and the one who had so brilliantly led the armies of Israel against them

c.      was there in the City of Gath

d.     so he ordered that David be arrested and brought before him

e.      David knew his life was in jeopardy, so he pretended to be insane

1)     he began drooling

2)     and making strange noises

3)     and scribbled and scrapped on the walls

f.       the ruse worked and Achish demanded that David be taken away

5.     Then, as soon as he could, David left Gath and returned to the region of Israel

II.  text

A.  V. 1

{1}  David therefore departed from there and escaped to the cave of Adullam. And when his brothers and all his father’s house heard it, they went down there to him.

1.     Adullam is only about 10 miles from Gath; David could have fled there in a half day

2.     Near the city is a large cave; David went there to  hide out

3.     As soon as his family received word he was there, they went to join him

4.     You see, Saul had become so paranoid and frantic in his attempts to get rid of David, they realized it was unsafe for them to remain in their home town of Bethlehem

a.      Saul had already attempted to kill his own son Jonathan by throwing a javelin at him

b.     they rightly assumed that is Saul would get that crazy, he might very well kill all of them simply for being David’s family

c.      so they packed up their family and moved to join David in the cave of Adullam

5.   But they weren’t the only one’s to join David . . .

B.  V. 2

{2} And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him. So he became captain over them. And there were about four hundred men with him.

1.     David had become a national hero to Israel

2.     Ever since he had killed Goliath and then led the army of Israel in a tremendous defeat of their enemies the Philistines, he had been held in great favor and esteem by the people

3.     It seemed everything he did was wildly successful

4.     But ever since Saul had declared him his mortal enemy and persona nongrata, most people had quieted in their support of David — after all, open support for him would have meant the king’s disfavor

5.     Now that David had been declared an outlaw by Saul, all the malcontents in the land flocked to his banner

6.     The write speaks of these social misfits as those who were distressed; meaning they were in trouble of one kind or another

7.     They were also in debt; meaning they owed sums they could not repay, they were bankrupt and so had lost control over their own lives and destinies

8.     And they were discontented; meaning there were many who were simply social outcasts, for whatever reason they had become shunned by their neighbors

9.     This is the first place in the Bible we find a reference to people who in the ancient world were called the apiru;

a.      a group of people who had been shunned by decent folk and who were made to live in a state of internal exile

b.     we would call them outcasts or outlaws

c.      they were renegades, living on the run, always trying to stay one step ahead of the law

10. David now becomes their captain, their leader

11. They finally have a place to go, a community to be a part of, and a hero they can claim as their own

12. As David stayed there at Adullam, the ranks of his followers swelled to a army of 400 men - not including the women and children who would also be a part of this crowd

13. In that time, 400 men was not a small figure for a private army

a.      and later, when you read about who some of these men were and what they did,

b.     you realize these were great fighters, mighty men of valor, as the bible calls them

c.      and they were all fiercely loyal to David

C.  Get The Picture

1.     Get the picture . . .

2.     David is the rightful king of Israel but because Saul will not give him the throne, David has become an outlaw

3.     Instead of leading the nation of Israel, he is reduced to leading the misfits, the social outcast of the land

4.     The Draft

a.      every year, professional sports teams have what is called “the draft”

b.     before the season begins, they will select new players from the ranks of those who are coming up from college and from semi-professional teams

c.      the first players to be selected are the cream of the crop; the players who have demonstrated the greatest talent and potential

d.     the first few rounds of the draft see some of the best known names of sport grabbed up first

e.      but with each new round, the players become less and less talented until only the worst players are left

5.     You may remember the same kind of thing when you were a kid, and your friends would pick teams to play a game

a.      first picked captains

b.     then they would decide who was going to pick first; who had the first choice in the first round of the draft

c.      best players always got picked first

d.     then the next best, and so on down through the ranks

e.      until there was the last couple guys or gals

f.       I was rarely selected in the first few rounds; I usually was one of the last to be selected - and I always dreaded being the last one

6.     You know what; that’s kind of funny when you think about it,

a.      because Americans seem to have a thing for rooting for the underdog,

b.     for the one the odds says is going to get crushed

c.      whether it’s a lone competitor or a whole team

d.     we seem to delight in the prospect of the little guy beating the big guy

7.     The last decade has seen a whole bunch of films that present the victory of the underdog over the expected champion

a.      Mighty Ducks

b.     Little Giants

c.      Angels In The Outfield

d.     to name just a few

e.      we love the story of the seemingly powerless overcoming the odds and defeating the arrogant and powerful champion

f.       indeed, the story of David and Goliath is ideal we look to as the greatest example of the victory of the underdog

g.      and that is likely why these social misfits and losers flocked to David’s banner

h.      they saw in him a hero to lead them

i.        a man who held forth the hope and promise that they, the powerless, could overcome the odds against them and be victorious whereas all they had ever known was defeat and loss

D.  A Picture of Jesus & The Church

1.     But you know what, the story of David and his band give us much more than this

2.     We also see here an incredible picture of Jesus and the church

3.     David was the rightful king of Israel who had been revealed to the nation by his miraculous defeat of the giant, Goliath

4.     Even so, Jesus is the rightful king of heaven and earth, who was revealed in his complete defeat of the devil in his death and resurrection

5.     And just as David was declared an outlaw by Saul so Jesus has not been accepted as king by the powers of this world

6.     David remained hidden from the eyes of the nation in the cave of Adullam, just as today, Jesus remains hidden to the eyes of the world in heaven

7.     David awaited the day when God would bring him to the throne; Jesus awaits the day when the Father will say the time has come for Him to re-establish the Throne of David - and Jesus will reign visibly on earth

8.     And just as the outcasts flocked to David’s banner, so those who come to their senses and realize how sin has alienated them from God come to Jesus and find in Him a Captain to lead them

9.     Think of David as he sat each day and received those who came to him

a.      he would accept them and give them a place among the rest

b.     where as they had been lonely wanderers before, now they became part of a growing family

c.      David taught them and trained them

d.     he showed them how to fight and how to come in and go out and do their Captain’s bidding

e.      he took a rag tag group of misfits and forged them into a lean mean fighting machine

f.       and knowing David’s love of God and his passion to praise and worship, I’m sure he taught them about God and how to worship Him

10. We know that these men and women became the backbone of his kingdom when he eventually came to power

11. Even so, we have come to Christ, though He is hidden from the world

a.      and when we come, He accepts us and gives us a place among His people

b.     He makes us part of the Family of God

c.      He teaches us and trains us to spiritual war; to do battle with spiritual hosts of evil

d.     He is our Captain who goes before us and leads us in the way we are to walk

e.      Jesus has taken a rag tag group of nobodies and is forging us into a mighty army of those who will rule and reign with Him in His kingdom for a 1000 years

f.       and all the while He is revealing to us the true nature and character of God and inspiring our hearts to worship and praise Him

12. Consider the words of Paul in 1 Cor 1:26-31

{26}  For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called.

{27} But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty;

{28} and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, {29} that no flesh should glory in His presence.

{30} But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God; and righteousness and sanctification and redemption;

{31} that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the LORD.”

iii. COnclusion

A.  What We Are

1.     I realize it may be a blow to our egos to read Paul’s words here but they are certainly true

2.     God delights to work through those whom the world considers as outcast and unqualified - All so that no one may doubt who is really doing the work = Him!

3.     What delights me as I read this passage in 1 Samuel and realize how it speaks of Christ & the Church, is to realize how ready God is to receive and accept us

4.     He doesn’t require that we clean ourselves up first

5.     He doesn’t demand that we first achieve some level of success

6.     Rather, He gladly accepts us just as we are; distressed, in debt, discontent

a.      distressed with the moral failure we see in our own lives

b.     in debt because of our sin, acknowledging that we could never repay

c.      and discontent with this fallen world

7.     The only thing that God does not accept is an attitude of self-righteousness and self-justification

B.  How This Effects Us

1.     What should be our reaction to these things?

2.     First—we can rejoice in the knowledge that God delights to accept us and make us His own

a.      He makes us into a family

b.     He forges us into a mighty army

c.      He teaches us to sing as a great choir, His praises

3.     Second—we must be diligent to remember the nature of Jesus and how readily He accepts the outcast and downtrodden

a.      and we must make sure that we show that same acceptance of others

b.     do we?

c.      or are we selective of those we embrace as fellow members of God’s family?

d.     do we rate people on the level of some worldly standard of success, status, or social acceptability?

e.      very simply, are we as accepting of others as God is?

f.       if we belong to Christ, if we have joined His band, then we must extend the arms of acceptance to all who would come