2 Samuel Series #5

“I will Call Upon The Lord” - 2 Sam 22:1-7

i.     introduction

A.  Taking Another Step

1.     A very special day for us because it is a day of seeing the fulfillment of a lot of prayer and work

2.     We have often said that the Christian life is lived one step at a time

a.      several months go the Lord told us it was time to take another step

b.     we looked for His leading to know where to step - He led us to look here on Buckaroo

c.      we lifted our spiritual foot and began to move this direction-but just at the point when we thought we’d be able to put our foot down next door, someone else got the lease

d.     so we kind of had to keep our foot in mid air for a while as we sought the Lord to show us where to go and what to do

e.      it turned out that we had been right in discerning His will - God was leading us to Buckaroo, but here rather than next door

f.       today, we get to put our spiritual foot down once again

g.      and as we do, we celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness

h.      what we see and enjoy here is God’s goodness

i.        He has provided a great new place for us to meet

j.       one that will allow the ministry to expand into new areas He is already leading us into

k.     we’ll be sharing what some of these are in the weeks to come

B.  Today

1.   Today would seem a perfect time to bring a special message -

2.   But I thought the best way for us to celebrate God’s faithfulness this morning would be for us to be faithful to what He has called us to do

3.   So we are going to pick up and continue our study in 2 Samuel

4.     And as so often happens, it just so happens that the next passage in our excursion thru the Bible is completely appropriate for what is taking place in the life of our fellowship

ii.  text

A.  V. 1

{1} Then David spoke to the LORD the words of this song, on the day when the LORD had delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.

1.     David was a skilled musician and songwriter

2.     He wrote many of the songs that comprise the Book of Psalms

3.     Throughout the centuries, God’s people have found comfort, and an eloquent expression of their emotions expressed in the Psalms

4.     Many of the words to the praise songs we sing as drawn from David

5.     This was a song that David composed at the end of his life:

6.     It’s repeated in the book of Psalms, as #18

7.     In it, David looks back over his life and sees how God has been his continual help

8.     From the earliest days as a shepherd of his father’s flocks,

a.      through his anointing as king while yet a lad,

b.     to his troubles with the first king, Saul,

c.      to his battles with Israel’s enemies

d.     God had been completely faithful

e.      even when the days were dark

1)     when his own son led a rebellion against him

2)     and he had to flee his capital in fear of his life

f.       even then, God had preserved him

9.     And now he stands at the end of his days -

10. He surveys his life and sees the gracious hand of God through it all

B.  Vs. 2-

{2} And he said: “The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;

{3} The God of my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, My stronghold and my refuge; My Savior, You save me from violence.

1.     David was a man of war

2.     That’s why God didn’t allow him to build the temple

3.     As a man of war, David knew how important a strong fortress is

a.      in battle, with a refuge, without a place with a strong foundation and sturdy walls you are quickly overcome

b.     we can look at our own history to see the strategic importance of forts

c.      when ever people would move into a new area, their first task was to erect a fort

d.     they would search for a place that provided a good foundation

e.      then they would erect corner towers and strong walls

f.       these forts became outposts and refuges for pioneers

g.      and once the fort had come to dominate the area, others would move in and settle the surrounding area

4.     David was a pioneer

a.      he was ever pushing forwards the frontier of faith

b.     both for himself and for the nation of Israel

c.      when the armies of Israel stood cowering before the jeers of Goliath, he is the one who strode forward to meet him

d.     David is the one who boldly pushed out the borders of the nation to their rightful boundaries

e.      he is the one who conquered the impregnable fortress called Jerusalem, and then dared to bring the ark there

5.     David was a man of faith and vision

6.     And through it all, God was the One who provided Him refuge

7.     God was his fortress

8.     God was the source of His strength

9.     And because God had never failed him, David knew it was utterly safe to place his confidence and trust in God

10. When I face new challenges and battles, I find it very helpful to remember past times when God came through with help

a.      there have been many times when I was tempted to despair

b.     to throw in the towel and resign myself to defeat

c.      when a simple reminder of God’s faithfulness sustained me and gave me the courage to keep on

11. Friend, I don’t know what you’re going through this morning; but this I do know —

12. You can trust in God

a.      He is a rock - a solid foundation upon which to build your life and your hope

b.     He is a fortress, a strong refuge in the midst of trial and adversity

c.      He will defend you and be your shield when your enemies surround and attack

d.     He is the source of true strength

C.  Vs. 4-7

{4} I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies.

{5} ‘When the waves of death surrounded me, The floods of ungodliness made me afraid.

{6} The sorrows of Sheol surrounded me; The snares of death confronted me.

{7} In my distress I called upon the LORD, And cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, And my cry entered His ears.

1.     David had known many dark times

2.     There were stretches of his life lasting whole years when he was forced to live the life of a desperate fugitive

3.     He had been hounded by armies and cornered in hopeless situations

4.     There were times when he seemed trapped with no way out but death

5.     During these times, David called upon the Lord, and God delivered him—every single time!

6.     A lot of cheap fiction has what is called by critics, deus ex machina = “god out of a machine”

7.     It works like this . . .

a.      bad writers will often write their story in such a way that the hero finds himself in some impossible situation

b.     but it’s not time for the end of the story so they have to rescue the hero some way

c.      they do this by making up some wild and implausible escape

d.     like in the cartoons - a person paints himself in to a corner, then paints a doorway on the wall and walks through it, as though it was a real door

e.      this is called deus ex machina

f.       it’s a Greek phrase because it comes down to us from ancient Greek drama

g.      apparently they had bad writers back then too

h.      when the hero of an ancient Greek play got into trouble with no way out,

i.        they would wheel a box, suspended from a cable, out over the stage

j.       then an actor, dressed up in costume as a god would lower himself from inside the box via a pulley,

k.     would grab the hero and pull himself back up, literally lifting the hero our of his troubles

9.      Remember the old Batman TV show: they used deus ex machina every week!

a.      on 2 midweek nights, back to back; Tuesday & Wednesday or Wed. & Thurs.

b.     anyway - the first program would end at some kind of a cliffhanger

c.      some impossible life or death dilemma that Batman and Robin would be in

d.     and that would hook you to tune in the next nite to see how they were going to get out of it

e.      every time, their escape would be some wild new superhero tool or some completely implausible thing

10. David’s life was one that rivals the best and wildest of human fiction

11. And he saw the element of deus ex machina time and time again

12. The difference of course is that his life wasn’t fiction

13. And what he knew wasn’t “god out of a machine,” it was “The God of Heaven’s faithful protection and deliverance of those He loves and has promised to keep”

14. So David says in v. 4, “I will call on the Lord.”

15. Why?

16. Because he had called on the Lord and God delivered Him every time!

iii.     conclusion

A.  Will Call

1.     Many of us  are familiar of “will call”

2.     It’s a special window at many stores or factories that holds items for customers who have called ahead of time to order them

3.     Did you know that heaven has a “will call”

4.     That’s right, you can call upon God to help you, and He will

5.     As David says in v. 7 . . .

{7} In my distress I called upon the LORD, And cried out to my God; He heard my voice from His temple, And my cry entered His ears.

6.     David was heard by God when he called

7.     So, David says, I will call on the Lord

8.     Friend, God is not bothered by your prayers for help

a.      He is not annoyed by your crying out to Him in a time of need

b.     He is not impatient with your call for Him to rescue you

9.     Rather, He is waiting for you to call

B.  He Is Faithful!

1.     Never forget this = GOD IS FAITHFUL

2.     He will not let you fall!  He will not abandon you.

3.     He is there to help

4.     Call on Him!

C.  A Stepping Stone

1.     Today, we celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness in hearing our cry for a new home

2.     And as I mentioned at the outset of today’s message - today we get to rest our spiritual foot once again as we have just completed another step of faith

3.     But let’s never forget that this place is but a stepping stone - not a bed

4.     We have but 3 yrs here

5.     And already we need to be lifting our other foot and begin the step of moving to our permanent facility on Eastman

6.     Now is not the time to slow down and kick back

7.     Now is the time to get into gear for the task of seeing God bring us to an even deeper level of faith