A Heart Astray Ė Part 2 Ė 2 Samuel 11 & 12


A.† Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

1.†† Some time ago during the Winter back East, a couple burglars broke into a house, tripping the alarm.

2.†† Knowing they only had a couple minutes, they grabbed what they could & ran to their car parked in the driveway.

3.†† They gunned the engine, but the tires just spun on the ice.† When they caught, the car jerked backward, ramming into a snow bank next to the house.

4.†† Once they got the car under control, they drove away.† A couple hours later, while going through their loot back home, the door burst open & the police rushed in.

5.†† They knew who the burglars were because the impression of their license plate was left in the snow bank.

6.†† This illustrates an important lesson from dayís study Ė The sin we think is secret, isnít.

B.† Recap - The Rest of the Story

1.†† Last week we observed Davidís sad slide into sin by adultery with Bathsheba.

2.†† Some time later, she sent him word their tryst had produced a child.

3.†† Since her husband Uriah, one of Davidís most trusted commanders, was away on deployment, there was no doubt David was the father.

4.†† This scandal had the potential to do great harm in the Kingdom. So David tried to cover it up.


A.† Vs. 6-7

1.†† Though David usually led the army, in this campaign against Ammon, heíd decided to stay home in Jerusalem & let Joab, his capable second, take charge.

2.†† Now he asks for an update on the siege of the enemy capital. He asks that Uriah bring the report.

3.†† Uriah wasnít Jewish; he was a Hittite, from an empire that had ruled Canaan for a short time.

a.†† Heíd joined David years before, when David was on the run from Saul.

b.†† Over the years heíd proven himself a great warrior & fiercely loyal to David.

c.†† He was numbered among Davidís mighty men.

4.†† Joab knew exactly who the king was asking for since Uriah was one of his ablest commanders.

5.†† So Uriah went to Jerusalem and gave the King an update on the war.

6.†† David then got to the real reason why heíd summoned Uriah; he told him to enjoy a little R&R before returning to the siege.

B.† Vs. 8-11

V. 8

1.†† We live in a military town here, with 3 bases nearby. We know how it is when the troops return after being deployed for 8 or more months; the homecoming is an intense, emotionally charged reunion.

2.†† David had been on many campaigns & knew how strong the desire was to get home. He was counting on that here.

3.†† To encourage a happy time, David sent some food so he and Bathsheba could have a good meal together. Clever move.

Vs. 9-11

4.†† The next morning, David found out Uriah had spent the night at the palace door.

a.†† BTW Ė this report reminds us the servants of Davidís court knew what was going on.

b.†† They knew all about his tryst with Bathsheba & that now he was covering his tracks.

c.†† Davidís trying to keep it all hush-hush, but the palace staff knew exactly what was going on.

5.†† David called Uriah back in & with friendly words expressed his concern over Uriahís failure to go home. Was everything okay?† Was there some problem?

a.†† Did he know he had permission to spend the night with his wife?

b.†† Was there a problem with the missus? Were they having a spat?

6.†† Uriah says spending the night at the palace wasnít due to any of that Ė rather, it was out of his solidarity with his men in the field laying siege to Rabbah.

a.†† It didnít seem right he could enjoy the comforts of home & wife when all the men he served with were without sleeping in tents & eating MREís.

b.†† Uriah was a man of duty who saw his presence in Jerusalem as part of his service of God & the King. It wasnít a time for comfort & pleasure.

c.†† Even though he was in Jerusalem, his mindset was still that of a soldier at war.

7.†† Contrast Uriahís mindset to Davidís as we saw last week.

a.†† David was in Jerusalem taking his ease when he ought to have been in Ammon at war.

b.†† Uriah has that exact perspective!† And because he does, he wonít get tangled up in Davidís deceit.

8.†† But David is king, & Uriah canít return to the front until heís released.

9.†† So David tries again to get him to go home for the night. This time he adds some pressure.

C.† Vs. 12-13

1.†† David set a place at the royal table for Uriah & loaded him up on food & drink.

2.†† Court etiquette required Uriah to partake of the kingís fare.

3.†† And of course, the servants had been told to make sure they kept his cup filled.

4.†† David knew alcohol often alters oneís convictions & thought his wine would weaken Uriahís sense of duty.

5.†† But loyalty wasnít just some mask Uriah wore to impress the King, as his behavior the 2nd night proved.

6.†† Even though he was snockered, his sense of duty to his men, to God, & to David prevailed.

7.†† And it makes what David does next all the more shameful.

D.† Vs. 14-15

1.†† David sent a sealed message back to Joab; orders to send Uriah on a suicide mission.

2.†† If Uriah wouldnít play along with Davidís plan to provide a suitable cover for Bathshebaís pregnancy, then David would have to get him out of the way so he could marry Bathsheba.

3.†† Consider how far Davidís gone now in his slide into sin.

a.†† Adultery is bad enough, but now heís plotting to commit murder.

b.†† This is a political cover-up that employs the highest levels of national power to commit a horrible crime.

4.†† Uriah was the kind of person most rulers dream about; wish they had!

a.†† Heís a man uncompromising duty & fierce loyalty.

b.†† He sacrifices self-interest for the betterment of the nation.

c.†† And heís incredibly skilled at what he does, as his rank among the mighty men proves.[1]

5.†† But Davidís perception is now so tweaked by sin & guilt, he sees Uriah as a threat instead of an asset & gives the order for his execution.

6.†† When we live in sin & walk in the flesh instead of the Spirit, our relationships get all messed up.

a.†† Our best & dearest friends look like enemies,

b.†† While those who will drag us down seem like allies.

7.†† Uriahís actions at Jerusalem warranted a medal from David. Instead, he got a letter; with orders that would lead to his death.

E.† Itís Done Vs. 16-25

1.†† In Vs. 16-24 we learn how it went down.

2.†† The Ammonites occasionally came out of Rabbah to try & break the siege.

3.†† Joab sent Uriah to guard a spot known to have skilled archers on the wall.

4.†† One day the Ammonites attempted another attack but were again repelled. Uriah led the counterattack & pursued the enemy to within bowshot of the wall.

5.†† Unknown to him, his men had been given the order that when they heard the signal, they were to halt & fall back.

a.†† In the last of the Star Wars movies, the Clone Army had been given a secret Order 66 their Jedi commanders knew nothing about.

b.†† No matter where they were or what they were doing, when they heard the command to execute Order 66, they were to turn on the Jedi.

c.†† Such was the signal to Uriahís men.† Being in the lead, he didnít know his men were no longer with him & rushed forward alone, making himself an easy target for the archers who drew a bead & let fly.

6.†† It was an Ammonite weapon that felled Uriah, but it was Davidís order that killed him.

7.†† Uriah was more a murder victim than a casualty of war.

8.†† The message of Uriahís death was delivered to David.

9.†† He thought heíd dodged a bullet. He forgot that whatís secret sin on Earth is open scandal in heaven.

F.†† Vs. 26-27

1.†† With Uriah out of the way, David waited till Bathshebaís mourning for her husband was complete, then married her.

2.†† David hoped everyone would think marrying Bathsheba was Davidís way of honoring Uriahís loyal service & sacrifice.

3.†† Little does he know his cover-up is the worst kept secret in Jerusalem. Many knew exactly why he married Uriahís widow; benevolence had nothing to do with it!

G.† 12:1a

1.†† God had not been distant or disinterested up till now. The Holy Spirit had been at work from the beginning, warning & convicting David. But heíd refused to listen.

2.†† When the prophet Nathan went to see the king with a Word from God, David was still on that downward path toward ruin.

a.†† Itís gotten steeper with each decision heís made to ignore God & pursue sin.

b.†† If it doesnít stop now, where will it lead?

c.†† Though David thinks heís safe because heís avoided public shame, God knows heís sliding down a greased pole to ruin.

d.†† So God does what needs to be done to rescue him.

3.†† Some here today are walking in Davidís footprints Ė youíve gotten so wrapped up in sin youíre blind to your peril.

a.†† Youíve managed to keep it a secret, so you think youíre safe.

b.†† What you donít realize is that your supposed safety is your greatest danger because youíve built up a immoral inertia thatís carrying you swiftly to total destruction.

c.†† Thatís precisely the end the devil plotted from the beginning, weeks, months or years ago.

d.†† If you put a frog in boiling water, itíll hop out.

1) If you put it in room-temperature water itíll sit there just chilliní.

2) If you begin heating that water slowly, the frog will sit there content, all the way till that water is boiling & itís cooked.

3) Satanís real good at cooked frog!

4.†† When David first decided to stay home rather than led the army to battle, if someone had told him that decision would result in adultery with one of his best friendís wives, heíd have laughed at the ridiculousness of the suggestion.

5.†† As David lay in his bed moments after Bathsheba left it, & someone had told him he would soon be murdering that friend Ė David would have grown angry & furiously denied the possibility.

6.†† Listen, no child molester begins there. Long before, he ignores his conscience that tells him to stay away from entertaining lust.

a.†† Research reveals many sex addicts began their slide into moral oblivion with something as seemingly small as National Geographic with its pictures of native women.

b.†† The murderer on death row didnít begin there Ė he ends there because years before he never took control of his anger, so it grew over time into a murderous rage.

c.†† The woman who leaves her 3 children & husband of 20 years doesnít begin there. She begins by watching soap operas with their twisted ideas of romance & morality.

7.†† When we begin down the path of moral & spiritual compromise, we laugh off the possibility one day weíll end up in jail, or in the gutter, or walking away from everything we hold dear & sacred.

8.†† We need to wake up! Compromise grows!† Itís the nature of sin to grow & infiltrate every level of our being.† Thatís why the scriptures liken sin to leaven.

9.†† As bad as Davidís sin already was, if not for Godís intervention here, it would have gotten worse.

9.†† He sent the prophet Nathan with a tough message.

10. God knows where you are today. Heís got your spiritual address & He loves you too much to let you rush to your doom.† Heíll send some Nathan to confront & challenge you. This message may be your Nathan.

H. Vs. 1-12

Vs. 1-4

1.†† Nathan not only had a Word of Knowledge about Davidís sin, he received the Word of Wisdom in how to confront the king.

2.†† Since David was in the cover-up mode, a straight-forward challenge would be vehemently denied.

3.†† So Nathan went with a report about something heíd supposedly heard, asking for Davidís judgment on the matter.

4.†† There was a rich man who took his poor neighborís family pet & served it as lamb-chops to a guest.

Vs. 5-6

5.†† David is steamed Ė This was just wrong!

a.†† Heís to give his neighbor 4 sheep.

b.†† Then heís to be put to death for the high-handed & cruel way heís acted.

c.†† In Davidís estimation, such a warped mind cannot be allowed to live because of the danger it presents to society.

6.†† Then Nathan sets the hook -

V. 7a

7.†† Youíre the man, David!† This story is about you.

Vs. 7-8

8.†† God calls David to remember His faithfulness. When had God ever let David down?

9.†† Then God speaks through Nathan the words that will bring home to David the reality of his sin.

10. As we read these next vs, hear the pain in Godís voice & remember the Psalms of David expressing his love for God, & His word.

Vs. 9-10

11. These words werenít spoken in harsh anger meant to strike fear in David; this is the plaintive cry of a heart-broken & betrayed friend.

12. When Davidís in the right spiritual place, God is the all-consuming passion of his life.

a.†† To hear God say David despises Him & acts as though His Word is pathetic had to rip Davidís heart out.

b.†† Up till now David has avoided dealing with his sin as the hideous abomination it was.

c.†† But God lays it bear Ė David is a murdering adulterer!

d.†† And deep down, David knew it, no matter how hard he tried to justify & rationalize it.

13. Thatís why he blew up at Nathanís story Ė his anger was fueled by his guilt.

a.†† This is more common than we know. We get angry with the things we see in others we donít like in ourselves.

b.†† We know our sin is wrong, but refuse to deal with it as we ought.

c.†† We vent our sense of proper morality by getting angry at the sin we see in others but excuse in ourselves.

d.†† Whenever I hear someone really going after some sin, denouncing it, getting all worked up, consigning those who practice it to the deepest hole in hell, it makes me wonder if that isnít something they struggle with.

e.†† Jimmy Swaggart used to rail against pornography & sexual sin. Then was found to have his own failure in that very thing.

f.††† If you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the one who yelps is the one that got hit.

14. David is crushed with the realization of how far heís fallen from God.

15. He needs to understand that the wages of sin are death.† While blessing comes from God, only harm comes from sin.

Vs. 11-12

16. Davidís motive ever since lying with Bathsheba has been to hide his sin.

17. But God knows hidden sin retains its hold over our soul, so He tells David it has to be answered, exposed.

a.†† It canít be swept under the rug.

b.†† It has to be openly dealt with so David & everyone else would realize the king is not above the law.

I.††† Vs. 13-14

V. 13

1.†† Davidís confession is immediate & complete.† He holds nothing back.

a.†† He doesnít qualify his sin or in any way diminish its severity.

b.†† He wrong & accepts his guilt without condition.

2.†† David is broken & has no more words to say.† Heís undone by how deeply heís hurt God.

3.†† This statement is both honest confession & sincere repentance.

4.†† And because of that, Nathan replies with the unqualified acknowledgement of Godís forgiveness.

V. 14

5.†† Weíll examine on Wednesday how God can forgive David yet still leave the consequences given here & in vs. 11&12.

End with the immediacy & completeness of Godís forgiveness.

What David did was hideous. kind of thing that can take down a nation.

Watergate & ††† Foley.

Davidís sin huge! The scandal it could pose was so potentially damaging, he tried to cover it up.

But moment yielded to conviction of Spirit & confessed sin Ė in that very instant, God forgave & restored him.

What God did for David, Heíll do for us.

a.† The instant we honestly confess our sin, Godís forgiveness flows.

b.† forgiveness complete.† It isnít 70, 80, or 99.9%. Itís total.

Micah 7:19 depths of the sea.

When confess, God takes all the guilt of our sin away, forever Ė Period!

Because cross & already paid for the guilt of our sin.

1 John 1:9:

Donít let enemy lie and tell passed point of no return and no forgiveness.

What God did for David, Heíll do for you Ė forgive & restore Ė If, you confess.

[John & Sally at Grandmas & the duck. Wash dishes, make bed, do ironing.]

No ĎTude

God sent Nathan confront because grown deaf to conviction of Spirit.

Has God sent you a Nathanófriend or circumstance thatís backed up against wall with awareness of sin? How responded to Nathan?

David didnít cope a Ďtude when Nathan busted him.

He was devastated by how far heíd fallen, confessed his sin & repented.

When God in love sends his Nathan, donít resist Ė Break!

Let it go, admit your guilt, throw yourself on the mercy of God & know His love restored.

[1] Think about it Ė his father in law Eliam, another mighty man, had given his precious daughter to Uriah as wife. This meant admiration & respect among the mighty men toward Uriah.