CCO Senior pastor transition

Last October Pastor Lance Ralston announced his pending retirement as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Oxnard after 40+ years of faithful and devoted service to the church. The plan is to hire a new lead pastor for CCO within the next 1 to 2 years. Currently, CCO has gathered a team, called ‘Transition Working Group’ (TWG) to produce and implement the means to seek and hire a new lead pastor for Calvary Chapel Oxnard. We are anticipating in early March 2024 to post the position publicly. Will you be praying that our Lord Jesus will give wisdom, counsel, and guidance in the selection process? We are trusting that our Lord Jesus will continue to receive glory and to bless Calvary Chapel Oxnard, His church as He says in His Word.
Mission • (1) Develop a process to locate, select, hire, and nurture God’s choice for a senior pastor to lead CCO in the future. (2) Faithfully execute the process to obtain a smooth, effective, and efficient transition.
Vision • The selected candidate is successful in leading, feeding, and protecting CCO according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He is a leader recognized for getting right results, seeing that God is glorified, and that the CCO congregation is enriched by selecting the man God chooses to succeed Pastor Lance.

4-14-2024 • The Calvary Chapel Oxnard’s Senior Pastor position has been posted since March 2024. The job posting will be closing on June 2, 2024, at midnight. CCO's Transitional Working Group (TWG) team is currently active in canvassing throughout the Calvary Chapel community giving notice of CCO’s transition and seeking qualified candidates. To date we have received a number of inquiries including a number of candidates who have submitted applications. All applications submitted to date are in the process of being reviewed. After the initial review and evaluation, the transition team will perform reference checks and interviews as the process unfolds. Once the selection process has been completed the Calvary Chapel Oxnard elders will review, pray, and then vote on the TWG’s recommendation. At the conclusion of the elder's decision and approval they will present that candidate to CCOs congregation for their approval by a vote as per CCO's by-laws. Prior to a congregational vote the CCO members will have an opportunity to hear the candidate preach at CCO. Your prayers are of high importance as we are seeking God's leader for the next generation for Calvary Chapel Oxnard and the community where God has placed us to serve and proclaim His salvation.

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