In case you missed the news, Josh & Quetzally had their prayers for a house answered last month! Only thing is— it’s in Bakersfield. (Cue sad music)

We are so happy for them, but having to say “goodbye” is never easy. Josh’s last Wednesday as HSM Director was last week, and the baton was passed to our old friend, @clarivelann who, along with Miss Sharon Johnson and Pastor Jeff, will be the Interim HSM Director for a season.

She is forever a youth minister at heart (she’s been serving in youth ministries for 20+ years!), and is SOOOO excited to be hanging out with students again!

Tuan (her hubby) and Shepherd (their amazing son) are looking forward to hanging out with HSM on Wednesday nights when they can too, so look out for them and say, “Hi!”

Look out for more posts in the future about our HSM team!!

About HSM:

It is truly a privilege and an honor to partner with Jesus and you, in the shepherding of your teenager's life.
Our desire is to point your teenager toward God's grace and show them how to be more like Jesus, through the teaching of His word, the understanding of worship, and the importance of prayer.

HSM meets every Wednesday at 7:00 PM
in our Family Building

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