About HSM (High School Ministry):

Our goal is to cultivate a culture of honoring God and each other; to intentionally create an environment for the students to grow in their giftings and have the space to try and fail. Where we example to students what it looks like to Live and Learn God’s word.
Our Vision is that all students who come through HSM will leave with a fervent heart for the Lord, a sense of Direction for his or her life, and the Solid Foundation of Christ. Our prayer is for every student to experience the intentionality of Christ through Learning and teaching God’s Word, serving each other, and loving God’s people.

HSM Community Culture:
Prayer and Worship
Unity with Christ and each other
Always assume the best of each other
Comparison is the killer of calling
Championing others
Do all things with Truth and Grace
Have Fun!

HSM meets every Wednesday in our Family Building.
Service starts at 7pm but come at 6:30 to hang out

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