Gender Study Follow Up
November 10th, 2021
On Wednesday, October 27th, CCO had the third of our BASICS Series. The topic was Gender. After the first two sessions established the theological and philosophical foundation for the series, it was t...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
What To Do ?
August 10th, 2021
I’ve been asked repeatedly by church members on whether or not they ought to get the COVID-19 vaccination. What follows is an attempt to help people decide what course to take. I want to be clear at t...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Place of Faith in Shaping Political Views • Part 1
July 24th, 2021
It was from a college philosopher professor many years ago I first heard of the divorce between faith and reason. While standing in the doorway of the class, smoking a cigarette, sipping a cup of coff...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Place of Faith in Shaping Political Views • Part 2
July 24th, 2021
Building on the momentum of Part One, we now consider how the Judeo-Christian Worldview helped shape the modern world.As is well-documented in numerous works, it was the blending of the Judeo-Christia...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Gospel v Progressivism
December 28th, 2020
I’ve grown increasingly concerned by the inroads the Progressive Left has made into the Evangelical church, especially among young adults. The purpose of this essay is to challenge the idea of the Pro...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Christmas Traditions
December 16th, 2020
Christmas TraditionsA Biblical Perspective on the Celebration of the Birth of ChristEach year many Christians are faced with the decision of what to do about the holidays. Should they celebrate with e...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Politics: The New Religion
October 23rd, 2020
IntroductionWhile elections are important and Christians ought to be good stewards with their citizenship, being educated on the candidates and propositions, then voting with Biblical values, we mustn...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Squaring Up Paul's Correspondence with Corinth
October 22nd, 2020
[The following is taken from Barclay's commentary on 1 and 2 Corinthians, with editing]There was a letter which preceded 1 Corinthians. According to the Revised Standard Version, in 1 Corinthians 5:9 ...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Scripture Isn’t A Wax Nose
August 12th, 2020
Scripture Isn’t A Wax NoseIn 1511, Erasmus warned of scholars who treated Scripture as though it was made of wax, something to be shaped into a form appealing to them. Five hundred years later, people...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
An Appeal
July 31st, 2020
Since unifying love is a distinguishing mark of Jesus’ followers, we can expect the adversary to oppose it....  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Our Moment to Stand
July 14th, 2020
Luther’s MomentThree and a half years after nailing his ninety-five points of theological departure from Rome, it was Martin Luther’s moment to stand. He stood before the greatest of Europe’s rulers. ...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
When Do We Say, "Enough"?
April 20th, 2020
We need to take a closer look at what Paul says in Romans 13 and the way the Church has historically understood it before appealing to it as justification for complying with the stay-at-home orders an...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Taxes and Tithing: Our Motive in Giving
November 12th, 2019
On Thursday, October 10th in what was billed as CNN’s Equality Town Hall, then-presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke suggested churches and other non-profit organizations ought to lose their tax-exempt...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Vacuum
October 24th, 2019
There’s a saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” It means an abundance of details can obscure the larger picture they’re all a part of. Such is the case with current events. We’re inundated wit...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
A Secular Religion
August 29th, 2019
Politics has become the religion of a growing segment of the population.The most rapidly growing demographic in America’s religious landscape is “Nones”; people who identify as holding no religious fa...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Update on the CCA / CGN Kerfuffle
June 7th, 2019
In December of 2016, I wrote a blog post expressing my perspective on the then-recent sundering of the Calvary Chapel movement into CCA and CGN. Many pastors and members of various Calvary Chapel chur...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Where We are Supposed to Be
March 23rd, 2019
At the end of one of the episodes of the TV miniseries Band of Brothers, as Easy Company is marching into the Ardennes Forest for what turns out to be The Battle of the Bulge, the soldiers coming the ...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Gospel Comes to Ireland
March 17th, 2019
The rope was so tight round sixteen-year-old Patricius’ wrists they’d bitten into the flesh. He no longer felt the sting of the saltwater from the wind-tossed waves splashing over the side of the boat...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Are We Drifting Backwards?
February 26th, 2019
I’m about to share something personal. It’s a lesson I learned years ago. I share it because it illustrates what I believe to be a crucial truth. It seems many mature Believers “get stuck” at some poi...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Legend and Lesson of St. Valentine
February 14th, 2019
All we can say for sure is that there was indeed a pastor named Valentine who became a martyr around AD 270. Beyond that, it’s legend and conjecture. But where facts are thin, people feel free to prov...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Stage is Set // Prophecy Update January 2019
January 19th, 2019
25% of Scripture is prophetic, foretelling events before they happen.Jesus rebuked the leaders of His day because they refused to see how He fulfilled prophecy.Just as there were many prophecies that ...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
The Christian Life Series
December 7th, 2018
If you attend Calvary Chapel Oxnard, you may have noticed the posters that just went up. They announce the sermon series on The Christian Life we’ll be doing in 2019.As we continue to work our way boo...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
What I Learned (Running for City Council)
November 10th, 2018
I decided to run for a seat on the Oxnard City Council in the recent mid-term elections after it became clear that was what God’s Spirit was telling me to do. I have to admit, it’s not what I wanted a...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Everything Runs Down
July 10th, 2018
While Evangelical Progressives applaud recent cultural changes, those of the Conservative branch are concerned as traditional values are thrown over in favor of the Moral Revolution. What they need to...  Read More
by Lance Ralston