Christ our Creator

Sermon Devotional from Luke 6:1–11

Exodus 20:11, Deuteronomy 5:15, Isaiah 58:13–14, Luke 6:5

Jesus’ words, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath” say to the theologian, “Jesus is God!”

The Greek word “Lord” in the New Testament (“kurios”) has the basic meaning of “Master” – but is also used to translate the Old Testament’s “Yahweh,” or “the Lord,” as most Bible render it.

Not only was Jesus laying claim to the Sabbath as its new Master, He was also making a divine claim—that He was God!

Consider this:

Throughout the Bible, God lays claim to the first portion of every good thing He gives His people, so they would remember Him.

  • God gave all the trees to Adam, except one
  • The first city of Joshua’s conquest, Jericho, was to be given to God and not touched as booty
  • The first–born children required a special sacrifice to give thanks to God for rescuing His Firstborn nation from captivity.
  • The Firstfruits of the fields belonged to God: to thank Him for the harvest.
  • The tithe belonged to God: the first ten–percent of all income and wages.
  • The first day of each year: the Feast of Trumpets was the New Year’s celebration of God’s seasons of blessings.

But, the weekly Sabbath was the most regular of all things given to God: one day of every week belonged exclusively to Him! The Sabbath was all about God. It was to honor and delight in Him. He was to be the focus of this unique day.

When Jesus said, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath,” He is saying that He was now to be the focal point of the Sabbath! It was to be all about Him!

Spend some time reflecting on Jesus—Creator God Who became Man. Let the magnitude of His true identity overwhelm you! See Him high and lifted up!