Sabbath Surrender

Sermon Devotional from Luke 6:1–11

Luke 6:2 & 7, John 11:47–48, Luke 22:25–26, James 4:13–15

Jesus’ words, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath” say to the Pharisee, “You are not large and in charge – I am!”

The term “Lord” in the New Testament is used for both, “Master” and “Lord God.” The simplest meaning of “Lord of the Sabbath” is that Jesus is claiming to have authority to call the shots on this most critical day.

But, the Pharisees wouldn’t give up their self–appointed position as “masters” of the Sabbath easily! You see, the Pharisees saw it at their duty to enforce the Sabbath, and the other details of the Law of Moses, in order to protect Israel from another exile to a foreign nation. They were the “masters” of the Sabbath—as a matter of national survival!

But, because they weren’t simply trusting God’s word, they ruined the intent of the Sabbath for everyone!

What are you in charge of? What do feel responsible for? What keeps you up at night in worry? What are you the boss of, even focusing more on the results than on the people?

Jesus is saying to us, “I am Lord of _______________” (fill in the blank—what you must surrender control of?)

Be set free by allowing Jesus to be your Lord and Master—over everything!