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The Real Mt. Sinai • Video
January 27th, 2024
This is a documentary from Pastor Lance about his trip to Saudi Arabia, investigating the possible location of the actual Mount Sinai. He includes an intensive Bible study as well as a tour of the Exo...  Read More
by Jeff Atchison
The Flat Earth Movement
March 5th, 2023
...with roughly 1% truly believing in a flat earth, any large church will have a number of people who adhere to this, and because it can be so terribly divisive, the following is our response....  Read More
by Jeff Atchison
Jesus: From the Scriptures
July 7th, 2022
This is a follow up from our study in Acts 17, from July 3, 2022. Several of our folks were asking for more information on Prophecy regarding Jesus from the Old Testament. What a joy it is to unpack t...  Read More
by Jeff Atchison
Old Earth & Young Earth Resources
February 12th, 2016
We have an ongoing debate in Christianity over how and when God created the earth and, especially, mankind. There are both “Old Earth” and “Young Earth” Christians – who love Jesus and believe the Bib...  Read More
by Jeff Atchison
The Bible – Misunderstood Alright; but by Newsweek
January 8th, 2015
During the War of 1813, the USS Constitution won 5 engagements with British warships. During one battle with the HMS Guerriere, when the cannonballs of a broadside bounced off the Constitution’s sides...  Read More
by Lance Ralston
Really? Synthetic Life?
December 20th, 2010
It didn’t get the press one might expect from such a dramatic announcement. Scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute announced in May that they had produced  the first synthetic life form. Since th...  Read More
by Lance Ralston