Reaping the Whirlwind

It’s Friday, October 2, 2015. There was another school shooting yesterday. Again it’s on a college campus. Seems like a lot of these tragedies play out at our schools. But, you know how it is; sometimes the media distorts reality and we’re left with an inaccurate impression. So I decided to check. Sure enough, the number of school related shootings has sky-rocketed over the last several years.

See for yourself: School shooting stats.

Paging through Facebook today I saw a post linking to a CNN news story identifying how yesterday’s shooter singled out Christians to be shot in the head while others who denied being a Christian were shot in less lethal parts of their bodies. When I tried to view the story at CNN’s website, it had been replaced with several stories, cued up one right after another, decrying the ready availability of handguns.

The blood is barely cold on these victims and the gun-control activists are out in force to bang their drum. Never let a crisis go unexploited.

Part of me wants to go off on these activists. I have some choice names for them. But I’ll resist the temptation to be petty. What needs to be said is that the call for gun-control utterly misses the point.

So many of the recent shootings have taken place, where? On school campuses; specifically, on college campuses. Why can’t the so-called experts and pundits make the connection? The problem isn’t the relative freedom of guns. (All it would have taken to save a bunch of lives yesterday in Oregon is for one teacher or administrator with a duly authorized Concealed Weapon permit and a gun to stop the killing. But since guns aren’t allowed on campuses, school boards guarantee the only guns on campus are brought by those intending harm.) The problem is the mindset that brings a gun on campus intending to use it. Make no mistake: There’s a direct connection between that mindset — and that college.

You can’t raise kids from the time they can walk, telling them they’re the result of a random, meaningless process of biological evolution, and expect them to act with a dignity you’ve told them is a fiction. If we’re all just grown up germs, infecting the planet, as radical environmentalists claim, then getting rid of as many of us as possible isn’t abominable, it’s laudable.

If God is dead, everything’s permissible.

A gun is just a tool. It’s the mindset behind the gun that’s the issue. Police officers with a different mindset showed up yesterday at the Umpqua Community College and ended Chris Harper Mercer’s bloody rampage. They did it with guns, not batons and screwdrivers; guns. If Mercer hadn’t had a gun, his twisted, college-indoctrinated mindset would have found some other weapon with which to accomplish his agenda.

When will the engineers of the secular humanism who dominate higher education wake up and realize what’s happening on their campuses is the DIRECT RESULT of their ideas?
They’ve sown the wind, to reap a whirlwind.