The Vacuum

There’s a saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” It means an abundance of details can obscure the larger picture they’re all a part of. Such is the case with current events. We’re inundated with news from both the domestic and world fronts that seem disparate and disconnected. Stepping back and observing them from a Biblical perspective, there’s a consistent theme tying them together.

The final pieces are being set on the stage for the End Times.

Consider . . .

Global Political Chaos

The quality of political leadership across the world is abysmal. The Canadian, British, Israeli governments are struggling to find their center. The partisanship of US politics threatens to tear it apart with a president under threat of impeachment. Japan, with the world’s oldest monarchy in its Emperor’s Chrysanthemum Throne, faces an uncertain future. Middle East leaders keep only a tenuous grip on power. The democracies of Europe face regular upheavals in wildly shifting electorates swinging from a far-left to radical-right.

What’s to be gleaned from this is the political fragility of our world and the obvious leadership vacuum across the board. It’s as though the world is being prepared to receive someone, anyone, who’ll step forward with a clear vision of a better day and a workable plan to get there. Voila: The Antichrist.

Geopolitical Realignment

A picture recently appeared in the world press of three men shaking hands in front of the flags of their respective countries; Russian president Vladimir Putin was in the middle, flanked by Turkish President Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The picture was extremely provocative in light of the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 which speaks of an end-times collation led by those three countries that makes a surprise attack on Israel. This is the first time in history when these three countries have had warm relations with each other. The relationship between Russia and Iran has run hot and cold for centuries, usually cold. But Turkey and Russia have been classic opponents in a game of brinkmanship over control of the Middle East. As President Erdogan’s Islamist government has disconnected from Modern Turkey’s traditional appeal to Europe and the West toward a more Asian orientation, Russia has courted them. Turkey’s military, by many accounts the real power in Turkish politics, has now shifted its supply from American arms to Russian. A planned sale of American F-35 fighter jets has been suspended as Turkey now considers purchasing cutting-edge SU-57’s and SU-35’s from Russia.

Moral Chaos / Identity Dysfunction

Maybe most troubling of all is the radical redefinition in what it means to be human taking place across the world. The LGBTQ+ revolution isn’t just a “Western” phenomenon. It’s taken root in the Far East and those Asian nations seeking to emerge onto the world stage as viable players in the global economy and community. Gender, understood by civilizations and societies for thousands of years as synonymous with biological sex, has now been wrest from that verity and made into a mere social construct to be decided by each individual. Gender is now so fluid the individual may even flow between a multitude of various genders within the scope of a single day. Political correctness demands that before addressing someone, we ask them what pronoun they desire to be referred to by.

Illustrative of this moral insanity is the case of seven-year-old James Younger whose story you can read in The Texan. Caught in a bitter custody battle, a Texas court ruled in favor of sole-custody being given to James’ mother who supports his transition to being a girl named Luna. James’ father contends that when James is with him, he chooses to identify as a boy. The court, after contentious testimony from both sides in the debate, awarded the mother sole-custody and demanded the father affirm by all means possible his son’s transition to being a girl. Such legal enforcement of a scientifically-dubious but socially-hip proposition as transgenderism indicates how far the worldview governing modern society has shifted away from a Judeo-Christian worldview to a secular mindset.

The moral chaos and rank injustice that will ensue from Transgenderism’s paradigm-exploding impact on what it means to be human will unravel the ties that make society possible. History’s already shown, when everyone does what is right in their own eyes, oppression and ruin are the result.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Something always moves in to fill it. If a Holy Spirit revival doesn’t arrive to rescue us, a spirit of darkness will appear offering a new order that will appear a solution but is, in fact, a prelude to hell.