A Hypothetical Conversation

With all the talk today about same-sex marriage, I thought the following might be helpful.

Here’s a hypothetical conversation I’d have with someone who doesn’t understand why Evangelical Christians don’t support same-sex marriage.


Person: Why are you against same-sex marriage?

Me: Let me answer that this way. If we were talking about this 30 years ago, what do you think my answer would be? In fact, 30 years ago, what was YOUR view of same-sex marriage, and why? See-30 years ago, most people considered homosexuality a sin. And they considered it so because that’s what the Bible calls it.

Person: Yeah, but people change and we don’t see it that way anymore.

Me: Agreed. But the Bible hasn’t changed. So people who say they believe it , if they aren’t going to be the hypocrites they are so often accused of being, have to continue to hold to the same morality they did 30, 40 500 years ago – right?

Person: Well, isn’t denying marriage to same-sex couples like denying citizenship to blacks or voting to women? Isn’t marriage a civil right?

Me: Civil rights are matters of legal definition, not universal rights. The law of the land decides civil rights. And same-sex couples aren’t to be equated with blacks and women. Being a woman and being black aren’t issues of choice. People are born that way. Homosexuals aren’t born that way.

Person: YES they are!!!

Me: As a matter of fact, while that’s a popular belief, there’s no scientific evidence to support it. On the contrary, the research has discovered that homosexuality has far more to do with one’s nurture base, their family dynamic; and early childhood imprinting that comes through abuse, than anything else. It’s true that a person may not have CHOSEN to be gay, but the behavior to act out same sex attraction IS A CHOICE. So you can’t equate being gay with being black or being a woman.

Person: But if a person has same-sex attraction, why shouldn’t they be able to express it? What’s wrong with that?

Me: We’re back to our original point; the Bible says it’s sin and sin always has negative consequences. It doesn’t promote human flourishing which is what God & the Bible always aim for. Besides, once we open the door to saying that a lifestyle that is immoral is now acceptable, where do we stop? Why will it be okay for homosexuals to engage in homosexuality but not pedophiles engage in sex with children? Or people who like their pets to have sex with them.

Person: That’s absurd. That will never happen.

Me: I agree – problem is, it’s already being advocated by certain elites. Years ago, homosexual advocates were in precisely the same place; advancing a cause people said would never find acceptance. Yet here we are. And now the line’s been back even further, encouraging the perverts to start their assault on moral norms.

Person: Well, they’ll never find acceptance of their perversion!

Me: And THAT is exactly what people said 30 years ago when homosexuals began their assault on morality. So – you see, because I believe and want to live what the Bible says, while I love homosexuals as persons, I simply CAN’T accept the idea of same-sex marriage or even to recognize them as a distinct social group, any more than I can accept adulterers as a unique social group. It’s all sexual sin and not proper for assigning civil rights.