Gathering dates & locations:

Jan. 12th // Ventura House (164 IMPERIAL AVE.)
Jan. 19th // CAMARILLO HOUSE (1931 rowland ave.)

Ages • 18-24 years old (single, married, college, career, etc.)

Purpose • We gather to be EQUIPPED to ENGAGE our culture, our peers, our community,
and our church with the GOSPEL of Jesus, that we may lovingly live out His Truth & Grace.

Join us for teaching, worship together, and discussion every Tuesday evening.

our covid-19 precautions

We will be meeting at our OXNARD HOUSE location until the end of the year. We'll be in the backyard, so please dress warmly, bring a blanket, and enjoy a warm beverage!

Registration is required as well as temperature checks. Please bring a mask and have it on as you walk up to the house.
 It is important to us that our neighbors know we are masked at our gatherings during this time.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to our Young Adults Ministry Director, Clarivel Dinh [email protected] .

More info

More info—text or call Clarivel @ 805.751-3776

Or email—

Or check our our Facebook Page
Or Instagram: @ccoyoungadults