This is Happening Now

[What follows is an edited transcript of today’s (August 24, 2017) “the Briefing” with Al Mohler. Not much commentary is needed. Be aware of how far Statism has progressed in the United States.]

CBS News //  Sacramento, California // “The Rocklin Academy school board is facing tough questions from parents concerned over a controversial incident involving transgender discussions inside a kindergarten class.”

The story can be summarized in this: A transgender reveal of a student in a kindergarten class in a charter school in Sacramento. There are two issues.

1) A school sponsored lessons for kindergartners including a gender reveal having to do with five-year-olds.

2) Parents were not told this was going to happen. They were intentionally not told, and furthermore, they are not going to be told, according to those who are making the policies.

A parent said, “My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.”

The school admits that parents were not told, and furthermore, they’re not going to be told in the future. And in addition to that, there is not going to be any parental opt out. There is a parental opt out for sex education, but the school district is saying that transgender issues fall under gender identity, and not only is there no requirement that parents be notified, but the policy is that they will not be notified.

A school in Minnesota, one of the most highly recognized charter schools in the nation, Nova Classical Academy has now promised to establish a gender inclusion policy that will not allow parents to opt out “based on religious or conscience objections,” and it is also now agreeing after being sued by a transgender student and the student’s parents “not [to] call parents’ or guardians’ attention to the policy.”

It’s hard to come up with words adequate to describe just how subversive all of this is toward the authority of parents and the ability of parents to interpret these issues for their own children. Time and again we have seen that those who want to bring about a moral revolution know that the first place to go is the schools. If they can get their ideology taught and transferred in terms of the schools, and remember–we’re talking about kindergartners, then they can certainly win this moral revolution. Here you have in a direct assault on the very idea of charter schools, the fact that parents are not going to be given an opt out and not only that they are not going to even be told that they are not getting the opportunity to opt out their children.