The Stage is Set // Prophecy Update January 2019

Should We Do This? // Matt 16:1-3

25% of Scripture is prophetic, foretelling events before they happen.
Jesus rebuked the leaders of His day because they refused to see how He fulfilled prophecy.
Just as there were many prophecies that marked out Jesus’ first coming,  there are many that point up His second. God wants us to know & discern the times. He didn’t give these things to confuse but to enlighten us.

2 Thess 2:1-2

Paul wrote to clear up confusion in the church at Thessalonica.
Because they were pressed by persecution, some assumed they were IN the Tribulation.
What worried them was this: Paul said the Rapture occurs BEFORE the Tribulation.
So if they were IN the Tribulation, they’d missed it. That’s why v3 says they were “shaken.”
That they weren’t in the Tribulation was clear because certain signs hadn’t occurred.

2 Thess 2:3-4

“That Day” = “The Day of the Lord” • When Jesus returns to set up His kingdom on Earth.
Before Christ comes again, there’s going to be …

#1 • The Falling Away

Literally apostasy. A deliberate abandonment of belief.
This isn’t “a” falling away; it’s THE Falling Away.
It’s a widespread departure from the Faith.
The stage is well set for this Apostasy.

Forsaking Inerrancy

Inerrancy is the belief that the Bible is God’s inspired and inerrant Word.
Matthew 5:18 // 2 Timothy 3:16  // 2 Peter 1:21
A growing number of seminaries, Bible colleges, professors and denominations say the Bible isn’t God’s words, it’s His ideas & message. The Bible contains God’s Word.
But the message has to be sorted out by experts & scholars who’ll tell us what it is.
The Bible is good for theology, but neither history nor science, they say.
The result is that the Bible is downgraded. It loses its authority.
That’s why we see churches turning from traditional views on marriage, sex and gender to embrace the world’s views.


Doctrines of Demons

1 Timothy 4:1
Evangelicals are getting pulled into New Age Metaphysics = Literal “Doctrines of Demons.”
Grave soaking & Christian Tarot cards

#2 • A Rebuilt Temple

Matthew 24:15
The Temple Institute in Jrz has been preparing to rebuild the Temple for yrs.
John 5:43
2 Thess. 2:5-8
John 14:16-18,  Matthew 5:13-14, 1 John 4:3

2 Thess 2:9-12

Halfway thru the Tribulation, Antichrist enters the temple, claims to be a god & seems to prove it.
Because he’s able to perform the supernatural, the world concludes HE is too.
People will buy the lies because those who knowingly reject truth are easy prey to deceit.
Because humanity rejects the Truth, God abandons it, not to lies or a lie but to The Lie.
The One that got the whole Rebellion going back in Eden—
That Adam & Eve could become gods by doing the opposite of what God said.
They ate the forbidden fruit, and realized the devil’s offer was a lie—Death, not deity followed.
The promise of godhood seduced the first man & woman.
The Antichrist will use it again with the last men & women.


Though the evidence is decidedly against evolution, it’s taken over in intellectual & academic circles.
Colleges & universities across the US & Europe won’t hire professors who question evolution.
But the Theory of Evolution has itself evolved from Darwin to the present.
Massive gaps in the fossil record have given rise to the idea that evolution occurs in quantum leaps.
Evolution, they claim, goes on. We’re still evolving.
Homo sapiens will soon become homo futuris.
With attributes and abilities that seem god-like to us now.
Consider how the world is being prepped for this.
All the superhero movies with people possessing god-like powers.
The entire X-Men franchise is about human beings ahead of everyone else in evolution.
Transhumanism wants to assist evolution either by genetic manipulation of linking biology & technology.
Directed Evolution thru Genetic manipulation
Human-Machine Symbiosis: Ironman, Batman, Cyborg, Vision, Cap Am: Superheroes whose powers flow from their tech.


• The world will be in chaos after the Rapture.
• It’ll cry for someone with answers & solutions; a perfect opening for the antichrist.
• He steps forward with bold & brilliant proposals.
• Though sometimes heavy-handed, they restore order & bring a measure of peace & prosperity.
• In another brilliant move, he resolves the perennial problem of Middle East Peace.
• He allows the Jews to rebuild their temple.
• Once it’s complete, with his position secure, he enters the temple & announces Phase 2 of his Global Agenda. It’s time to lead humanity into its next evolutionary step.
• He’s already made it; proving it with god-like signs & wonders.
• Having rejected the Gospel, people are primed for the lie.
• They buy it, & take the mark identifying them with his system.

What happens then? // 2 Thess 2:8

The Light of the Return of Christ on the far side of the Tribulation casts a shadow of the Trib into this time before it. That we can see those shadows means the Tribulation is close. That means the Rapture is closer still.
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